Canada – Court Rules Father Cannot Halt Daughter’s Transgender Hormones – Or Even Call Her A Girl

Court Rules Father Cannot Halt Daughter’s Transgender Hormones—or Even Call Her a Girl

Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court of British Columbia (B.C.) ruled that a 14-year-old girl may undergo transgender hormone “treatments” to support her transgender identity as a boy — without her father’s consent. The court went so far as to threaten to penalize the father’s speech. If he calls his daughter a girl, that would constitute “family violence,” which would be punishable by law.

The B.C. Supreme Court ruled that the girl (referred to as A.B.) “is exclusively entitled to consent to medical treatment for gender dysphoria and to take any necessary legal proceedings in relation to such medical treatment,” and that “attempting to persuade A.B. to abandon treatment for gender dysphoria; addressing A.B. by his birth name; referring to A.B. as a girl or with female pronouns whether to him directly or to third parties; shall be considered to be family violence under s. 38 of the Family Law Act.”

According to the Family Law Act, “family violence” includes “psychological or emotional abuse of a family member, including intimidation, harassment, coercion or threats, including threats respecting other persons, pets or property, unreasonable restrictions on, or prevention of, a family member’s financial or personal autonomy.” Such an action is considered “family violence” along with “physical abuse of a family member” and “sexual abuse of a family member.”

Indeed, the court may even have considered the father’s attempts to convince his daughter to reconsider her transgender identity to be “physical abuse,” since that includes “deprivation of the necessities of life.” The ruling cited A.B.’s testimony to psychologists that she had attempted suicide, and at least one psychologist concluded that her suicide attempt was linked to her gender dysphoria (the persistent condition of identifying with the gender opposite one’s birth sex). –

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Fourteen years old is too young to start drug transgender hormone treatments.  The body is still developing and so is the brain.

The fact that a parent does not have anything to say about their child’s medical treatment, who is still a minor, and someone that parent must still support financially show just how insane Canada’s judicial system has become.  In the eyes of the courts, fathers are simply sperm donors and ATMs.

Men are becoming less and less interested in marriage and I believe this is why.

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