Thunder Bay – Thursday

Snow sculptures today.  Rain is taking a heavy toll on them.

Another poo bag makes its spring appearance.

Icicle gone. Squirrel!

Other icicle gone

Not much left of this one.

Unsung local hero placing trash he picked up in one of the few City of Thunder Bay litter containers found on the street.

Water sits in the lowest spot

Most of pothole asphalt is no longer in these potholes

A trio enjoying the view,

I wonder what they are doing? Looks like they are waiting for something.

A section of sidewalk you do not want to be standing on today

Some butts made it into the can.

Thunder Bay must have the cleanest hands and the freshest smelling breath in Canada. I see a lot of empty hand sanitizer and mouthwash bottles laying around the city.

Looks like this an avocado.



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  1. focal point
    focal point at | | Reply

    Thanks for taking the time to photograph the ice sculptures and all the interesting images you capture for that matter.

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