Thunder Bay – Friday

Snow sculptures today…after the rain.  Now its cold.


This was underwater yesterday.

Looks like some new icicles forming on the old icicle.

I wonder why people don’t buy one of these? Sure, there is a cost up front, but its better than trying to push a shopping cart around the city.  Especially in the winter.

Soooo, instead of the shopper buying a personal cart, grocery stores have to pay to find their carts and if those carts cannot be found, buy new carts.  Shopping carts are expensive.

At the very least, shoppers that “borrow” these carts should be responsible enough to return them on the next grocery trip.

The Pool 6 pond showing some life.

Thought it was called a crowsnest.  These ravens have made this section of the CCGS Alexander Henry home.  Not sure how the ravens will react to people walking around on the ship once they lay an egg or two.  Or once the egg or eggs hatch for that matter.  Will the birds dive at the people?

Now its under ice.

Boot prints that were made in slush yesterday

Trash from the Chronicle Journal stuck on a branch in Marina Park. Next stop is the lake.

This dog is not required to be on a leash because its special.  Its a special dog that is not regulated by any laws or by-laws that govern all other lesser dog.

I am sure that the owners of several large dogs that I see on a regular basis also thinks their dogs are special.  I am sure they would also love to have their dogs run free in the park.  Maybe they should.

Might as well get rid of all of these laws and by-laws that are never, or rarely ever enforced.  No point in having them.

What we have here is a person that has zero respect for the other people who use the park.   She is special.

The red light was flashing and an alarm was sounding.  Nobody around.

Just hanging around.  Nothing to do.

The wind has blown some trash up against the fence.  Next stop is the lake.

Ice looks good.  Yesterday it was covered in water.

Smokers are the worst litters in Thunder Bay.  All of them just throw their butts on the ground.   This city is covered in cigarette butts,.

Looks like catchbasin is plugged.

I walked across this ice.

The pedestrian overpass has been cleaned…sort of.

Vodka bottle.

Palm Bay vodka cooler

A smoking spot.

Another smoking spot

Another smoking spot

No smoking in bus shelters….but…….

Poo bag.

Might be time to take these down

Noticed this on the Algoma Street sidewalk.  Imagine walking along at night.

Got clipped by snow removal equipment?

Bean Fiend put this nicely painted wooden bench in front of the shop.   Winter snow removal operations smashed it.

Does not look like it can be saved.

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  1. Cornbreesha
    Cornbreesha at | | Reply

    The only thing that stinks worse than the breath of braindead dog owners that don’t care about leash laws and gleefully fling their dog’s shit bags on the ground, is the insulting stench of ripoff of our shit smeared marina park hell emits.

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