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Climate rally demands action

Climate rally
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I wonder just what these protesters are willing to give up to save the planet?  Cell phones?  Laptops?  Flying?  The Internet?  The clothes they are wearing?  Shoes? Television?  The material all of their signs are printed on?  The vehicles that brought them to City Hall?

Electronic waste is a big problem.  Its definitely not “Green”. Materials that go into electronics are not really all that “GREEN”.   Sooo producing electronics and then getting rid of the electronics when nobody wants it any longer are bad for the planet. Lithium batteries?  Where do you think lithium comes from?

Protesting is easy.  Doing is hard. I see a lot of yapping , not much doing.

Give up you phone, computer, television, Internet, flying and car….for a start.  Then we can talk.

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    Judging from the picture most look like they are still learning how to walk properly. When they get into the real world and start to make a real living by actually working at a real job and make some real money that won’t go real far because the GREEN option will suck up most of their disposable income that’s left, if there is any. Then who or what will they blame. Brainwashed at such an early age………..sad

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