Thunder Bay – Saturday

Snow sculptures today. Looks like the rocket is getting ready to fall over.

Hey…its colour.

Thunder Bay…the city wealthy enough that its drinkers do not have to return cans and or bottles for the deposit.

Getting bigger again.  I suspect that will end soon. Temps are going up.

Almost free.  Does the Wholesale Club want it back?

Throw a graduated filter on your photo and you have a desert scene.

Must be in Marina Park. I see a dog that is not on its leash.  A special dog that is owned by a special person. Someone who is above all of those pesky rules, regulations, laws and by-laws that the rest of us follow. To hell with all of the other people in the park.

Oh and yes, Pool 6 is in Marina Park. I would know about that.

I wonder if this is guerrilla advertising?

Thing is still beeping. I guess it must be OK.

Red light still flashing. Red lights are usually a sign of bad things?

Walking out on the ice is safer than walking on the rec trails.  Not as slippery.  Just walked around the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) trail area.  I stayed close to shore.  Did not go near any river mouth or sewer/culvert outlet.  Probably over a metre of ice here

Never seen this from the lake.


You can see the stakes and remaining silt fence material left over from the construction work done eight years ago?   This stuff should have been removed at the end of construction. By the contractor. Should have been in the contract.

If it was, then we paid for work that was not done.  If removal wasn’t in the contract then, then it should have been done either by the contractor as extra work or by City of Thunder Bay work crews.

Why is this stuff still here?

Always trying to get sun in photo

Did not know this was here.

Ahhhh..the unleashed dog, the special dog, and company as moved on to Pier 2.

Look City of Thunder Bay, either enforce the laws and by-laws or get rid of them.  Either everyone can let their dogs run free in our parks or nobody can.

It does not seem fair to me. What is the point of obeying the rules?  What is the point of respecting the other people who use the park?

Just get rid of the leash law.  Give the parks over to dogs.

There is sooo much dog crap in Marina Park.  Its sickening.

Its Saturday. Should be someone parked in front of that door soon.

Half hour later…..After I took this, two more cars pulled up behind this one.

We paid for this gutter.  It leaks. Its leaked for at least eight years.

Pepsi and????

Could be just Pepsi.  Why not finish the bottle?  Some people have too much disposable income.

Like I said, some people have too much disposable income.

A smoking spot

Another smoking spot

St. Urho’s Day today.

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  1. ElChapo
    ElChapo at | | Reply

    That little black tube is a crack one hitter, but why is it there?? Isn’t glass recyclable?? WTF?!?!?

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