Canada – Consultant Says He Is Owed $1.2 Million By Cat Lake Band

Consultant says he’s owed $1.2M for helping First Nation obtain emergency housing cash from Ottawa

A consultant working for Cat Lake First Nation in northern Ontario is locked in a dispute with the band over how much money it owes him for his role in helping to secure federal funding to address urgent housing needs in the remote community.

Gerald Paulin signed a contract with Cat Lake in November 2017 for 10 per cent of any new money the community received. He says that entitles him and his company, Windsun Energy Corp., to $1.2 million after the federal government recently pledged $12.8 million for emergency housing.

But Cat Lake First Nation Chief Matthew Keewaykapow says the band is still discussing the matter with its lawyers.

“Our lawyers have advised us not to respond until they have done their due diligence,” Keewaykapow said in a text message.

The community, located 600 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, Ont., declared a state of emergency in January due to a severe housing crisis. An inspection of all 128 homes a month earlier had found that most should be replaced, partly due to mould issues in many of the houses.

Cat Lake First Nation declared a state of emergency in January due to a severe housing crisis. An inspection of all 128 homes a month earlier had found that most should be replaced. In many cases, it was because of mould. (Raul Rincon)

At the time, the chief and council said they believed long-term exposure to mould was harming the health of at least 100 residents.

“People in Cat Lake get sick non-stop,” said Deputy Chief Abigail Wesley. “Coughing, multiple pneumonia incidents, related kidney diseases and increased medical problems.”

Community leaders say Cat Lake has struggled with housing issues for years due to what they say is chronic underfunding from Indigenous Services Canada.

After weeks of negotiations, an agreement for new money to address the housing and health crisis was announced at a meeting between band leaders and Indigenous Services Minister Seamus O’Regan in February. The agreement provides $12.8 million for immediate action to address the community’s housing crisis.

It includes $5 million to build 15 new homes, $2.1 million to repair and renovate 21 units and $3.1 million for new prefabricated modular housing units. – CBC News

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I wonder what he did to earn $1.2 million?   Provide some videos/photos to the media?    Provide some videos/photos to the government opposition?  That is one expensive consultant.

The band did not want to honour the contract?  Where is the band going to get $1.2 million?  I guess its coming out of the $12 million.  Sooo there is only $10.8 million going toward housing issues?

There is a lot of money to be made consulting for First Nation bands.  Lots.

That photo tells me what?  What I see is a house where the inhabitants do not spend much time cleaning.  Probably no time cleaning at all.   Of course, the rooms with walls and ceilings covered with mould would tell you that.   Mould does wash off walls and ceilings.

I would be ashamed if this was my house. Hard to feel sorry for people who end up in this situation.  I believe it all could have been avoided with timely repairs to the buildings and a regular housekeeping regime.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    It’s easier to order a new free house than cleaning a house that has been vandalized by ungrateful inhabitants!

  2. Milkbone
    Milkbone at | | Reply

    We need to put all these people on one centrally located reserve in the far north so we can properly care for them with respect and dignity.
    If we isolate them within some sort of containment system, we can ensure that they stay clean, and healthy, so that they don’t bring their problems here.

    1. Milkbone
      Milkbone at | | Reply

      Their traditional land is long gone, taken over by speculators, mining interests, industry, and urban development. We are not just going to hand them back Toronto.
      Wouldn’t it be more affordable to oversee them & make sure basic necessities were met if they were kept in one centralized location?

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    Blocking satellite porn to reserves may help reduce the chronic incest.

    1. Truman Capote
      Truman Capote at | | Reply

      That’s sad Anonymous.
      Blaming Incest on Porn?
      The dark side of human nature not a good enough excuse?
      You have to implicate Ron Jeremys & Christy Canyons of the world?
      You must be a very bitter & lonely person indeed to think that viewing the human form inspires violence.

  4. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Well, since they want to be considered “separate nations”, why is the government of Canada involved? A silly comment for sure, but the question should be asked every-time an extended family of a few hundred souls believes it stands shoulder to shoulder with Japan, or Argentina as a full and complete country.

    The other thing of course, is this use of the term “traditional”…what is traditional about using rifles to hunt, snowmobiles, pick – up truck, powered boats and ATV’s?

    If they truly wanted a “traditional” life, they would have a life expectancy of 29, etc. (weird thing is a lot of Caucasians who want to “get back to the land”, or “get away from it all”, do so, without need a central water system etc., and manage to live fairly long lives..)

    I shudder/laugh each time I see a level of government in Canada claim as a victory that they just spent several hundred million to get a community that is smaller than a highschool in population, internet service @ $40,000 per resident, or housing that costs $500,000 per unit. (all presumably flown in, etc.)…all to be washed away during the next spring break – up…

    The system need a Gordian knot is completely dysfunctional…. and don’t get me started on ‘training’ – people to be programmers, or systems architects, and then they head back to the rez, to work at???? And wait for the next training program, unless of course they fall into all the bad habits back where they were raised…

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