Thunder Bay – Sunday

Rainy day sooo not a lot of photos today.  I did give it a shot though.

Do not see a lot of Dairy Queen trash in the back 40 of the Pool 6 property.  The stuff is recent because I am sure it was not there yesterday.

looking for colour on a grey day.

Figured there was a photo here but I don’t think I got it.

Walking up the ramp to the pedestrian overpass.  Came across this. Looks like there was some partying that took place there yesterday.

Discarded clothing. This is handed out for free by a number of social service agencies and churches.  Leave it here, and get more tomorrow.

Wow!  The place must have been rocking. Five LCBO bags.

Rev. Four vodka coolers for $9.95.

Another Rev case.

Reading material.  Thinking of moving up from Kelly’s finest rotgut?

Who is going to clean up this mess?  Not the people who made it.  Either taxpayer funded employees or some stupid volunteers.

See lots of these around.  They are free.

Made by Red Bull. The Red Bull drinker gets wings but does not take the empty can along when he/she flies away.

This was laying in the centre of the Red River Road and Court Street  intersection.  Its a child’s.  Odd.

Snow sculptures today  The wind was blowing off of the lake sooo all photos are taken with my back to the lake.

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  1. YayaCanada
    YayaCanada at | | Reply

    Hello opbastard: Two things: I would be one of those “stupid” people who would help clean up the trash, and I’m fascinated by the orange cord lying on the ground because I had some and then I moved to a new apartment and now I can’t find it! It’s really strong stuff and it holds a reef knot beautifully.) Oh yes, and I really like your photography.

  2. the watcher
    the watcher at | | Reply

    Bad parenting and bad parents. In a city park I witnessed a nice family of 4 sitting along the banks of a river sharing a meal from a fast food restaurant. I was delighted to see the parents taking the time to share the outdoors with the kids. Later they left the spot they had chosen to eat at garbage in hand and headed to their vehicle. There was a trash can maybe 10 steps away. They all jumped into their van and backed out into the parking lot. Quite normal behavior to the casual observer sitting close by. As they were starting to drive away the side door of the van slid open and all the garbage they carried with them and more was thrown out the door right in the middle of the lot. It was hard not to notice the words Bear Clan and the bear paw prints on the back door of their van. I was thankful they didn’t throw everything into the river. I believe the native culture allows littering. It’s a thing!

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