Canada – Canadian Coast Guard Fleet Getting Too Old

Coast guard struggling to help with rescues, Arctic resupply due to old fleet

Reduced search-and-rescue coverage, ferry-service disruptions, cancelled resupply runs to Arctic and coastal communities and nearly $2 million in lost navigational buoys.

Those are among the real safety, social and commercial impacts that communities across the country are starting to feel as the Canadian Coast Guard’s fleet gets older, according to new documents obtained by The Canadian Press.

And the problems are expected to get worse: the documents warn that more than a third of the coast guard’s 26 large vessels have exceeded their expected lifespans, and many won’t survive until replacements arrive.

“Vessels are at increasing risk of unrecoverable failure,” reads one PowerPoint presentation prepared by coast guard officials last summer and marked “secret.” “Many ships will not remain operational until their replacements arrive.”

Obtained through the access-to-information law, the documents underline the stakes facing the federal government and various communities if Canada does not have a capable coast guard fleet.

They come amid questions about how and when the government will replace the coast guard’s existing vessels. Only five new coast guard ships are currently included in the government’s multibillion-dollar national shipbuilding plan. – CBC News

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Don’t worry, we can just get the US Coast Guard to do all of that stuff.  They seem to have ships available.  We had one breaking the ice in our harbour just last week.

Canada might as well just give up having a navy, army air force or coast guard.  Its obvious that we cannot afford the equipment necessary to the job properly.

Buying second hand F-18s from Australia, having Spain and Chile provide supply ships, the submarine debacle and now the Coast Guard?  We are becoming a laughing stock.

Lets just get out of NATO and concentrate on our own land air and sea?

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    The Coast Guard issue was dealt with earlier. the USA and Canada save ‘sweet sweet taxpayer dollars” by optimizing service. I am not sure why you advocate for wasting the taxpayers’ dollars.

    As for the military, you are correct, but unfortunately, there is no one advocating for increased military spending in Canada. In the early 1960’s. Canada’s 17 million people supported an armed forces that had near a quarter million in uniform, several squadrons in the air force, overseas basis, and a navy with dozens of surface combatants, including an aircraft carrier.

    Today’s 36 million+ Canadians support a military of around 60,000, with 20,000 of them behind desks in Ottawa at DND HQ. The army is hard pressed to come up with a battalion of 800 for a peacekeeping role.

    The issue, is perhaps not today, but 30, 40 years from now.

    No one knows what the world will be like. China (and India) have declared themselves “Arctic nations” (as silly as Canada claiming it was an “Indian Ocean” country)….China already has more large Ice Breakers than Canada. What if China decides to build islands in the Arctic, near what Canada claims as its’ own. (That is another one, the “pink islands” at the top of Canada, are not specifically recognized as part of Canada by a lot of the world, it is just not disputed, in diplomatic terms. That is one reason there is little if any recognition of the passageways between the islands as Canadian internal waters).

    What happens if China decides to start claiming Ellesmere island? Oh, I get it, invoke NORAD, and let the USA do the fighting…If the Chinese then threaten Alaska, and fight to a saw – off, what do you think a US president will bargain away as a settlement? Part of Alaska, or a part of Canada didn’t even invest in to defend?

    As with having a protector in the school yard from bullies, the nerd has to pay a price for this protection at some point – doing homework is the easy way out, and an option I doubt Canada would have..

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