Thunder Bay – Monday

The location of the big high school student demonstration that took place last Thursday.  They left some trash behind because….well..because they can I guess.

I wonder where the Cat Lake Band is going to get all of that cash?  I suspect they believed that the money to pay the consultant would come from the housing funding.  Should be interesting to see what happens.   $1.2 million is a lot of money especially if you have zero income.

Red-winged blackbird

Spiked Snapple

Photos were out of focus but I thought they made an interesting series.

What happens when a full sized truck is driven on a rec trail that was not designed for that size of a vehicle in spring, after a lot of rain?

Remember this is the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.

Tug MV Point Valour

Foam insulation particles in our marina.

In Thunder Bay, its OK to park right next to a no-parking sign.  Its the Thunder Bay way. Parking is not enforced in Marina Park.  They only check in areas that are reserved for boaters.

One of the eight purchased on Saturday? Its will end up out in the Lake somewhere once the ice melts.

So will this Coke can

People hanging around enjoying the view.  They used to hang around enjoying the view in the pedestrian overpass.  Now they enjoy the view here.   I did catch a glimpse of the bottle that was being passed around before it was stashed under someone’s jacket.  Not sure what brand of liquor it was….but it definitely was a liquor bottle.

Should be interesting to see how tourists react to this situation.

A needle tip cap. On the pedestrian overpass.

No word on when this place is going to open up.

Someone cleaned the pedestrian overpass.  Removed all of the trash that was laying around there yesterday.

Smoking spot


McVicar Creek

Steelhead should be running soon.

Looking for colour on a grey day.

A Magic Cone in the creek.

Would not want to be in a room in St. Joseph’s hospital facing this.  Extremely noisy.

Concrete curbing damaged by snowplowing?

A poo bag filled with a giant pile of dog poop.  Must have been a big dog.

Trying some macro photography.  These were roses last year.

Focus not bang on but pretty close.

Snow sculptures today. After the rain.  The Jurassic whatever it was is just about gone.

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