Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Spring in Thunder Bay

Monster crack in Marina Park. Pavement is only two years? old.

Snow flurries made photographing tough.

This raven had a strange call.  Did not sound like the other ravens.  Maybe the raven identified as another species.

Sometimes, Canada Geese choose to walk instead of fly.

That sure is not the CCGS Samuel Risley.  Its the CCGS Griffon.

Still trying out some macro photography.  Hope to get some interesting photos this summer.

Yup…what a mess.

Portable toilet contractor’s work.

Sigh…parking on the wrong side of the street, in a no parking zone, on a marked pedestrian crosswalk.

Looks like some Thunder Bay vandals have modified this bicycle.  It was locked though.

Snow sculptures today.  The Jurassic whatever it was or what is left of it is under that snow somewhere.


Wolfie the car

The corn truck

Avatar, the Last Airbender

The submarine

The jet

The Voyageurs

The car in the tree

The Kracken sculpture




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