Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Looking for colour

CCGS Griffon

Lots of geese today.

Odd angle makes these two geese appear to be one long goose with four wings.

Ships out on the lake

For some reason this empty bag was left in the pedestrian overpass.

Red Lion Smokehouse is now open in its new location on Cumberland Street.  Former location of Crocks and Roll/Noodle Bowl.

I am sure the NDP will find some reason to complain about this.

Looks like this vehicle has an issue.  Its for sale if you are interested.

This cart is now the taxpayers’ problem.

A Thunder Bay hero riding her bicycle on the bike lane where it belongs.


Snow sculptures today. The Kracken

Car in tree.

The Voyageurs

The jet.


Avatar the Last Airbender

Corn truck

Wolfie car


The Jurassic whatever it was is almost gone.  I expect it to be gone before the snow starts to fall tomorrow.

That is all that is left.

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