Thunder Bay – Thursday

Before the spring snowpocalypse.

Trying to give some of the trash context.

Across the street from the CJ compound.  Here you see some litter that has managed to escape.

Not much to photograph today. Thought these vehicle tracks looked interesting.

Mud covered grass and sticks.

Bird nest. I wonder if it will be occupied this year?

Looks like a flock taking a rest.

The CCGS Griffon

MV Cuyahoga

Hmmm…..The OPP

More geese.  Lots of them in town today.

Removed the bubblers.  Maybe a little premature?

Ring-billed gull.

Wind blowing from behind

Looks like some work is planned for the festival area soon.

In Thunder Bay, people are allowed to park on pedestrian crosswalks.

A little rust around the pedestrian overpass. Supposed to be replaced in 2020.

Near the casino.

Snow sculptures today.  The Jurassic whatever it was is now completely gone.

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    I have seen gallery shows with immense photos similar to the “vehicle tracks” or “twigs on the ground” in B & W up at the top..

    They create a total pattern effect that had its’ greatest esthetic appeal when blown up to wall size.

    When they build the grocery – store shaped art gallery you should get a show..

    What really should be done, is Pool 2 should be converted into an art gallery – as has been done in other places, most noticeably, Johannesburg.

    But that would require vision, and a desire to preserve….A grain elevator art gallery would be a perfect melding of the city’s past/founding, location on the waterfront etc…an anonymous building as proposed is a failure on so many levels..

    other re- uses of grain elevators:

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