Thunder Bay – Friday

Hopefully this is the last time my snow shovel has to deal with snow….until maybe December.

Looking for colour on a depressingly dull day.

The sign says that the property is at MARSEC Level 1.  I think MARSEC Level 2 requires the gate to be closed and locked.

Crow tracks

We have a trio of Canadian Coast Guard vessels in tow,

The CCGS Samuel Risely was joined this week by the CCGS Griffon. The Risley is having its engine repaired.

Now we have the CCGS Pierre Radisson here as well. It is relieving the CCGS Griffon.

You can see the MV Cuyahoga at the Lakehead Terminals.

Not many people down at the waterfront today

Snow drifts.

Gull tracks

These Ringed-billed gulls are always looking for a handout

I think the bird is demanding food.


Snow sculptures today.  A pathetic looking group.

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  1. focal point
    focal point at | | Reply

    No matter what kind of day it is you always seem to find colour.

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