Canada – Trudeau: Self-Serving Opportunist And Coward

In two years, Liberals go from #WelcomeToCanada to deportations without hearings

The refugees that made such useful props for Trudeau in the last election have become an obstacle to his chances in the next. So, over the side they go

Andrew Coyne – National Post

Naturally, they put it in an omnibus bill.

Buried deep inside the 392 pages of Bill C-97, the budget implementation bill, is a package of amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that would turn decades of Canadian refugee policy on its head.

The changes would disqualify from consideration refugee claimants who had previously made claims in “a country other than Canada.” (Also ineligible: those whose claims had already been rejected in Canada, or who had been granted refugee protection elsewhere.) What is more, this would apply even to those already on our soil, seeking asylum.

Ever since the Supreme Court’s landmark 1985 ruling in Singh v. Canada, refugee claimants under the protection of Canadian law cannot be deported without having their case heard before an independent tribunal — a recognition of the serious, possibly fatal consequences of sending a genuine refugee, with a “well-founded fear of persecution,” back to his country of origin. Under the new policy, the best that those affected could hope for would be an interview with an immigration official, as part of a “preremoval risk assessment.”

All this came as a complete surprise to refugee advocates. The only mention of it in the budget the bill claims to be implementing was this cryptic remark on p. 326: “The government proposes to introduce legislative amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to better manage, discourage and prevent irregular migration.”

They could hardly have guessed what this would turn out to mean. The changes not only go far beyond the existing Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States, which allows Canada to turn back claimants arriving at official points of entry on our southern border — not once they have already crossed — but would extend it to a number of other countries with whom Canada has immigration “information-sharing” agreements. – National Post

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Trudeau was more than happy to welcome all refugees to Canada.  All of them from every corner of the earth. That is, until it hurts the Liberal’s chances of getting reelected this fall. Yes, immigration is a big deal in this year’s election and the Liberals now find themselves on the wrong side of public opinion.

Sooo,  Trudeau quietly plans on changing the rules on immigration to disqualify many of those refugee claimants he once welcomed. Even those already here.  Ahhhh, Trudeau once again shows his true self.

How quietly is this happening?  Well, its mentioned on page 326 of an omnibus bill.  A bill that is sooo large and covers such a broad array legislation that nobody ever is able to read the whole thing let alone debate it in parliament?   And that is the whole point of omnibus bills. To bury legislation that government may find unpopular or politically damaging.  Making a 180 degree policy change just prior to an election is politically damaging. Oh yes.

Sounds like self-serving opportunism and cowardice to me.  All of  earmarks of a typical politician.

Turns out he is no different than all of the rest of those whores that we call Members of Parliament.  What a surprise!

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    While I am loath to cite US sources for Canadian commentary, (far too many Canadians extrapolate US issues, statistics, or realities to Canada, which simply are false…I remember one poster in the Globe and Mail using US statistics for Canadian racial/ethnic breakdown – citing the US number for the Black population at 14%. In fact it is 3.5% *) this piece comes from Canadian in the USA, and he does make the general case that western governments ignore the native born populations’ unease with widespread uncontrolled migration at their peril.

    Maybe Trudeau read this article, as it is difficult to tell if he understood this as concern of Canadians in general…

    * “Census Profile, 2016 Census”. Statistics Canada. February 8, 2017. Retrieved February 16, 2018.

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