Thunder Bay – Saturday

Someone with a sense of humour.

Not sure if any of the books are in English or just Finn.  I have a lot of books that need a new home.  I should donate a few to this.

See any recyclable material in there?  As with the contents of most trash cans around the city, there is lots of the stuff.

For some reason, the dog walked around the manhole or personhole or whatever these are called now.

CCGS Pierre Radisson out in the bay

The CCGS Grifffon as well.

Ywo icebreakers working in our bay. I can’t remember seeing that before.

Polar Bear Challenge today. Its cold inside and outside the water.

Pretty sure the ice was thicker last year

Assembling an ice sculpture.  I will have to check it out on the way back from Pool 6.

The MV Algoma Niagara heading to Toledo Ohio.

Trying some different compositions.

These geese were extremely jumpy.  They decided to fly away.

Sunlight off of the snow looks interesting.

If you squint a little, it almost looks like a mountain range.  Well it does to me.

Illinois Central (and Gulf), coming to take me home…

Some wildlife paw prints.  Not very large. Fox?

One of the pair of ravens nesting on top of the CCGS Alexander Henry. No longer bothered by my presence.


The ice sculpture. Polar Bear Challenge….get it? Bears sitting in an icy pool.

Close up of the ice

Gangs all here.

The person on the far right is taking a large pull on a carton of Kelly’s finest rotgut.  Its not even noon yet.

Ahhh…Saturday at the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office).

How close is the parking lot that these parents refuse to use?  Could not be closer but that is not close enough for Thunder Bay drivers.  You do not enforce a law in Thunder Bay, people ignore it.

Still there

This is the chaos that is Saturday at The Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office). All because parents refuse to use a parking lot that is a one minute walk from the  building’s front door.  Many parents refuse to even get out of their cars.



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2 Responses

  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    The dog probably walked around the “person cover” because of either the odor of methane coming from the two small holes, the flow of the air from them, and a general belief that if this thing is “leaking” from below, it may not be safe to walk on…

    Pure speculation, of course….I didn’t speak to the dog…

  2. focal point
    focal point at | | Reply

    It warms my heart that you would consider donating books to the Little Free Library. You found lots of colour today.

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