The World – Julian Assange’s Arrest An Attack On Journalism

We are now living in a world where you have to keep your head down and your mouth shut.

Think about all the things we now know because Wikileaks published information that governments did not want us to know.   THAT is why Assange has been arrested.  He pissed off a lot of powerful people.  I would be surprised if he lives long enough to go on trial in the US.

I think he is a dead man walking.

The mainstream media is an extension of government.  That is why they are cheering Assange’s arrest.  That is their job.  To sell Assange’s arrest to the public.  To smear Assange in the public eye.  Manufacture consent.

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Too bad Mr. Assange does not qualify as a journalist.

    He adheres to none of the codes of ethics and standards that a journalist to be considered professional, or “serious” follows.

    I actually used to like Mr. Assange, until he became a “useful idiot*” of Russian propaganda. However, he just “dumped things” out there without doing what journalist do – edit, and seek another opinion as to what would be relevant (that is what an editor is for), and what would not be. His actions over the past decade have put several people’s lives in danger (NPR had an exhaustive report the other day on the mad scramble western governments went through to save people who had been named in the files released), hardly the act of a responsible person, no less a “journalist”

    And as for my reference to being a tool of the FSB in disseminating western secrets or pure samizdat information, ask yourself how often he has publicized any Russian “whistle-blowers”…the answer is a pitifully small number – less one at last count.

    * Several sources cited on points 5, and 6 as to where the phrase originated.

    1. HunterSThompson
      HunterSThompson at | | Reply

      What are points 5 & 6 that your reference?
      It seems you are copy pasting parts of your replies, as this misplaced endnote has no relevance to what you posted.
      You’re pointing an accusatory finger at Assange, but your own remark has suspicious origins. Not cool.
      Is anybody real anymore? Seems you are just a propagandizing tool yourself Joke Gittes.

      1. Jake Gittes
        Jake Gittes at | | Reply

        Points 5 and 6 are in the “wikipedia” article. I erred in not referencing them in my original post, and has presumed someone would read the cited refernce.

        In case your computer box thingy doesn’t work, I will list them for you.

        5 Internews Europe: Media Awards – Good Journalism Retrieved on June 9, 2009

        6. “Truth and the Media” (PDF). (50.1 KB) Dean, Catherine. Strathmore University Ethics Conference, 2006 (see p. 11, Harm limitation principle) Retrieved on June 9, 2009

        And I refrain from criticizing other posters by making fun of screen names, etc. What “suspicious origins” are you referring to?, Please share, I am sure some of us are curious…

        Making over – arching statements, or asking “raised eyebrow” questions are the hallmark of someone who has a lot to hide on their own.

        1. HunterSThompson
          HunterSThompson at | | Reply

          The way the Democratic Party conspired against Bernie Sanders, they deserved every single bit of conspiring against them.
          The Trump victory was vindication that two wrongs do make a right.
          You can’t possibly slam Putin without also expressing the fact that the Clinton cabal is a greater evil.

        2. Jerry Rubin
          Jerry Rubin at | | Reply

          JG – You sound racist against Russians,.
          Might you share DNA with Don Cherry?

  2. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    As for the source of this video RT – “Russia Today”

    1. No foreign news sources are allowed a similar licensing in Russia. No reciprocity, tells you about the society it stems from.

    2. It is funded by the Russian Government…articles such as this one, imply, “you should not trust your own government to tell you the truth, but you should in fact trust our government (Russia) to do so”…uh, why?

    3. Its’ prime goal is to spread “dizinformat” (“dis – information”) in the west. In everything from the Sergei Skripal poisoning, to the shooting down the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine. The point is to spread many alternative “theories” so that any survey will result in multiple choices (“who knows, maybe aliens from mars shot the plane down”…), to the every popular “Don’t know”, or “not sure”.

    Read Hedrick Smiths’ book “the Russians”. The spread of disinformation is as old as the Czars, and was used to confuse Russian society, so that they did not know what to believe, or what the truth is. In this way, it is always difficult for an opposition to form, and thus the population can be controlled. It continued to work under “communism”…And now it is being used/weaponized for deployment in the west.

    4. During the last US presidential election, Wikileaks released a steady drip drip of information, generally in coordination with key events designed to both “injure” one candidate, and assist another. A journalist, would not play cat and mouse with information or a story it had in hand in this fashion.

    It is no mystery why RT would be promoting Mr. Assange, as he did many great favours for Russia.

    As to where any outlet lies, and its’ veracity, one can use some simple logic to decide where on the scale a “source” is…for example, in Canada, the CBC is viewed as “left wing” by many people, it is also viewed as “centred” by some…No one views it as “right wing/conservative”, thus it would be fairly accurate to state is tends to wards the “left” side of the political spectrum…the same reasoning can be used for The Toronto Star (left), and the National Post (right/conservative).

    In the case of RT, some would say it is “pro Russia”, some might say it is “neutral” towards Russia..No one would ever say it is critical of Russia.

    1. Joey Stalin
      Joey Stalin at | | Reply

      I would trust Putin & Assange before ever siding with Hillary & her band of thieves.
      Better the devil you know…

    2. Joe Friday
      Joe Friday at | | Reply

      1 – A Government Using A Journalist To Feed Info To People….
      You Think That’s Unique To Russia & This Moment In Time? *COUGHS*

      2 – A Government Using Media To Distort People Opinion About Their Trustworthiness….
      You Think That’s Unique To Russia & This Moment In Time? *COUGHS*

      3 – A Government Using Misinformation To Spread Power & Influence & Hide Their Crimes…
      You Think That’s Unique To Russia & This Moment In Time? *COUGHS*

      4 – A Government Using Journalists Questionable Integrity To Alter The Strata Come Election Time…
      You Think That’s Unique To Russia & This Moment In Time? *COUGHS*

      Your every argument is a pot kettle black routine with yourself.
      Obviously you could replace the word Russia with America or England or…
      & Get exactly the same analysis & exactly the same results.
      The only difference is the technological means.
      You aren’t wrong, you just are expressing a very narrow view of history…
      By suggesting any of your critiques are unique to world powers.

  3. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Who said anything about “Hilary???”..

    I always love the 2 + 2 = 7 line of thinking…puts a comforting smile on my face….

    And trusting Putin…yeah, as much as wanting to end up face down in a snowbank with a bullet or three in the back of your head….or perhaps finding out your local cafe serves warm drinks with rare elements as a condiment…

    1. Joey Stalin
      Joey Stalin at | | Reply

      The only reason that Assange is even being extradited is because he crossed overlord Hillary.
      You didn’t have to mention it to make it so.

  4. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply


    My error. (admitting mistakes is something we could all stand to do a little more of)

    The referenced points also refer to the phrase “useful idiot”, and its’ origins. Again, from the ‘wikipedia” article on the phrase..

    5. Die Prinzessin von Wolfenbüttel. 1804.
    6. “Party Spirit In France”. Saturday Review. 1946.

    Oddly enough, 5, and 6., are good cited sources for what constitutes “Quality Journalism”…per the original wiki page on ‘ethics and standards”

  5. Mike Moore
    Mike Moore at | | Reply

    All Assange ever did was show people a truth they couldn’t handle having exposed.
    His efforts were barely a drop in the ocean of lies that the establishment has convinced their sheeple are true.
    Truth is we need 10,000 Assanges & 9 Scheming Poutins For us to begin looking honestly at the process that breeds ignorance.

  6. C Hitchens
    C Hitchens at | | Reply

    There is only one person in the last 25 years that was a Blunder Bay resident that had politically gravitas to talk about these issues.
    He hosted a show on CILU & loved NPR & Noam Chomsky, but he left to chase basketball in Cow Town. If that is you Jake, respect.
    If not, that just means there’s one more not super dumb dude in da bay, & that’s a good thing.
    JonHutt does great work here btw, respect to you too, a tad more artsy fartsy than hyper progressive, but still much appreciated.

  7. William Olesky
    William Olesky at | | Reply

    Of course Mr. Pilger is correct.

    Today the Americans and perhaps the west are practicing good old-fashioned colonialism notably against oil rich countries in the Middle East, Africa, and South America – and WikiLeaks calls them on it. Is this really controversial? Did bombs bring peace and democracy to Iraq? Were they meant to? Remember Libya – “We came, we saw, he died. (HA HA HA)”. How about Afghanistan? Torture at Abu Ghraib? Has all this been about liberating these countries from dictators (which the west had originally installed) and bringing democracy and peace, or was it about geopolitics and oil? How many people have died? Been tortured? And what is yet to come? Colonialism is not pretty.

    In addition, WikiLeaks would be completely inhuman if they didn’t have strong feelings respecting Ms. Clinton and her associates who were, after all, responsible for Assange’s forced sanctuary in the Equadorian Embassy. I do. WikiLeaks feared for Assange, their organization and freedom of the press. We see today that those fears were entirely justified. Entirely.

    The US government, with the assistance of the media, turned public attention away from their brazen flouting of international law, war crimes, torture, lies from intelligence services and revelations of spying on citizens on a scale that would make Orwell blush – on to the organization that reported those crimes.

    Despite the quaint transliteration offered by some commentators here, I see no evidence presented respecting thoughtful understanding of public policy in post-Soviet era geo-politics. It is amazing that communism in Soviet Russia ended in 1989 and nobody seems to have noticed in the western media.

    We, in Canada, are now coming to grips with colonialism and its effects on the people of the First Nations. In Thunder Bay, we are engaged in a mass de-colonialization project encompassing all three levels of government, administrative committees and non-government organizations. Colonialism is further identified as the root cause of much social dysfunction in Thunder Bay and Canada today.

    If we are so disdainful of colonialism, we should stop practicing it. We should support every attempt to root it out, bring it into the sunlight, and evaluate it for what it is. By not supporting Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks (who are engaged in just that) we perpetuate colonial horrors on a global scale. We condemn colonialism and practice it at the same time. There is an expression for those who support this kind of hypocrisy: useful idiots.

    1. Jake Gittes
      Jake Gittes at | | Reply

      ‘… In Thunder Bay, we are engaged in a mass de-colonialization project encompassing all three levels of government, administrative committees and non-government organizations. …..’

      So everyone except the so – called ‘fn’s’ are packing up, and leaving? My family is 5th generation in Thunder Bay, and are some of the first Europeans buried here.

      There would be no country for me to ‘return’ to, as the Austria – Hungarian empire and Czarist Russia are long gone.

      What about the fn’s?, they have only been in this hemisphere for 10,000 years, and in what is now NWO, about 5,000 years of my history serves me…

      Exactly what ‘decolonization’ is taking place now?

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