Thunder Bay – Sunday


Common Grackle

European Starling

Litter in context

Birders at the pond

Did not go down to the Pool 6 back 40 today. I did not want to disturb these geese.

Looks like a pair of birds tried to land on the pond.

CCGS Griffon

Where all of the Polar Bear Plunge took place yesterday.

Trash in context

Eating peanuts

Too much traffic

Got to move

CCGS Pierre Radisson

A snow……hmmm….not sure what gender, if any, this snow sculpture identifies as.

Why should the public be forced to walk through this gauntlet?

Another green 1 litre tetrapack of Kelly’s finest rockgut present as usual.  Why is this tolerated?

Happy looking crowd.

Trash in context

Herring Gull

Yes, I photographed this before but I could not resist

Sidewalk cyclist

Trash in context

Macro shot. First fly of the year.

Snow sculptures today

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9 Responses

  1. C Manson
    C Manson at | | Reply

    Thunder Bay Smokers & Dog Owners are disgusting.
    I hope both groups succumb to painful cancers.

  2. Curious George
    Curious George at | | Reply

    Other than the wine gang, a handful of parking deficient twits, 10 irresponsible dog captors & you, who else is ever in that park when there is no event?
    Without the wine gang you disparage, the park’s usage stats are reduced by 60%+, you ask why should people have to push past them in the tunnel?
    There is no-one lining up to push, it’s a ghost town.
    If anything, the city should start promoting the tunnel for the city’s other alcoholics, 12 more in the tunnel & the parks population doubles.

  3. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    1. If I am not mistaken crackles used to be mostly in Mexico and have spread in the last few decades.

    3. The lone person sitting with their back to you – very ‘Alex Coleville’…alienation, loneliness, etc…

    1. Wat Tyler
      Wat Tyler at | | Reply

      Lone wolves, never have to pretend to be something they’re not.

  4. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Ever heard of “the Red Couch” book/project? The author photographed a red couch in a collection of “out of context” places in the USA, and very often seated people on it, and interviewed them..

    I was just thinking, you could do a “Shopping Cart” books, as it seems there is no shortage of places they seem to end up, which is not the inside of, or parking lot of the retail establishment they came from…

    One observation – no one ever seems to make off with an LCBO cart….or at least they all find their way home….eventually..

    1. Y Ono
      Y Ono at | | Reply

      Anyone making a coffee table book about misplaced red couches, deserves a Nobel prize.

  5. focal point
    focal point at | | Reply

    Nice image of the fly. As good as any on the web. If you catch them at home put them in the freezer. After they freeze you can take them out, move them around, set up shots/backgrounds etc. and get tons of great images. When they thaw out they will just fly away. No harm done.

    1. Bruce McCarthur
      Bruce McCarthur at | | Reply

      That’s what I do. It’s Fun!

      Never thought of doing it with flies though.

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