Canada – What The SNC Board May Have Known About The Firm’s Dealings In Libya

What the SNC board may have known about the firm’s dealings in Libya — like the office safe with $10M cash

There’s no question that millions of dollars in bribes were paid to the Gadhafi regime in Libya to win lucrative contracts for SNC-Lavalin.

The former head of the company’s global construction arm admitted to bribery, corruption and money laundering in 2014. He pleaded guilty in a Swiss court.

But the Quebec-based engineering firm has long insisted that Riadh Ben Aïssa was acting alone and in secret.

“The Libyan bribes were disguised by Riadh Ben Aïssa as part of normal project costs,” former board chair Gwyn Morgan told CBC News in a recent email. “There was simply no means for board members to detect them.”

Ben Aïssa has a very different story to tell. He is back in Canada after having spent more than two years in prison in Switzerland.

He has turned on his former executives and board of directors and has been co-operating with police and prosecutors.

If called to testify at an SNC-Lavalin trial, he could expose who else in the senior ranks may have known about $47.7 million in bribes and $130 million in fraud tied to projects in Libya — crimes the RCMP alleges were committed by the company between 2001 and 2011.

SNC-Lavalin has been lobbying hard behind the scenes to secure what’s called a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) to avoid going to trial. The company, as well as its supporters in government, argue thousands of jobs are at risk if it is convicted and barred from bidding on federal contracts. – CBC News

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Hmmmm….I am sure that the former Board of Directors members are using every high level political connection they can to avoid any trial.   I would not doubt that the present Board members are doing the same.

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Under comments on the above article

You can have an opinion and march to the party line. That is what good foot soldiers do. However this scandal is more about the PM himself getting involved due to a family friend . His name is Jacques Bougie, recipient of the order of Canada is listed as a director at SNC-Lavalin Group, a director at McCain’s foods (Bill Morneau’s wife’s company) and listed as a mentor at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation. Close buddy of Jr????
Hmmmm…..Could this be why?
What other corporate affiliations ,other than SNC-Lavalin does Bougie have?  (from
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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Amazing…the CBC article contains 2009 words, and only makes mention of the Liberal party once – in reference to a former board member being a Liberal party executive…

    There is no question SNC is up to its’ eyeballs in wrong – doing as it relates to bribing the Libyan and other odious regimes to gain contracts around the world. However most of this would have remained in the background, unknown to the public, if it had not blown up on the Liberal party trying to pull favors for the company owing to its’ ties to and financing of the Liberal party.

    Everyday, there are companies in courts facing charges on a list of dry subjects, some getting fined, some not, some being ordered to change things, etc….Most Canadians probably could not find Libya on a map, let alone care what a given company is doing there. The idea of buying someone a $37 million yacht is beyond comprehension, when you or your neighbours fishing boat only cost a few thousand dollars..

    The CBC here does something I have come to call, not “fake news” but “shaped news”…they tell a story, but omit either some key details or whole segments of what makes this “news” in the first place. The thus, “shape” the narrative, or at least try to. For a segment of the population that ONLY watches or listens to the CBC , they have (similar to those that exist within the “FOX bubble” in the USA)

    In this case, the CBC would have you believe the only thing to see here, are corporate shenanigans (true – that part is evident), but nothing to do with the governing Liberal party (and chief CBC backer – see the increase in CBC funding since 2015), or any actions by it, which caused this whole mess to be in the public eye in the first place.

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