Thunder Bay – Monday

Nice looking mitten. I wonder if its for the left or right hand?  Right now, its both.

Schrödinger’s Mitten?

Fake leaf.  Its colourful though.

You find clothing in the strangest places.  In this case, on top of a hydrant.

Trash in context

Trash in context.

Trash in context

Trash in context.

Testing the water in the holes drilled around the proposed location of the $33 million 90% publicly funded waterfront art gallery.  The art gallery is having trouble raising their easily 10%.

The CCGS Pierre Radisson

The CCGS Griffon

MV Kaministiqua

Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination being run by our high salaried residents of City Hall

Litter and Recycle both have green garbage bags in them.

Trash in context

You can see the dark patches starting to show up on the ice.

Trash in context

A group of future Canadian leaders hanging around inside the pedestrian overpass.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash in context


Sidewalk cyclist

Looks like an empty hairspray bottle.

Trash in context

A single serving of hand sanitizer?

This will always be held over the head of the City of Thunder Bay. I am just waiting for the Class Action Lawsuit against the City of Thunder Bay.  Systemic racism….acknowledged by the Thunder Bay Police Service and its Board.  I think that leaves us taxpayers open to a lawsuit by every Indigenous person who ever had a run in with the TBPS.

Some local educators and business owners in Thunder Bay want to make the city a more welcoming place for Indigenous students.

So they came up with “wake the giant,” a new project aimed to do just that.

Thunder bay is known for its landmark sleeping giant or Nanabizhoo in Anishinabemowin.

It’s also known for racism against Indigenous people. – APTN News

Sooo, if your business does not have this sticker in its window, does that mean you are a racist?  Your business is not a welcoming place?

Trash in context.  Someone had their lunch here. Left the trash behind.

Sidewalk cyclist

Sidewalk cyclist on one side of the street and a cyclist riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.

Blood?  At a bus stop?

Wanted to get a photo of the gull on the peak but as soon as I raised my camera to my face, it flew away.

Trash in context.

Why does the city charge drivers to park on one side of the street and in the parking lot on the left of the photo but allow vehicles to park on the other side of the street for free?  I don’t understand.

Snow sculptures

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