The World – John Oliver Defends Assange

Not a fan of John Oliver.  He just seems to have sold out to the corporate media that pays his salary.

However, even he believes that Assange needs to be defended.

John Oliver Defends Assange: This Story is ‘Worrying For a Number of Reasons’

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    “…He just seems to have sold out to the corporate media that pays his salary..”

    What does “corporate media” mean to you?

  2. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Does that include government – owned outlets that serve the interests of a political party like the CBC?

  3. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    “Russia Today” – “RT” comes from a country that is ranked 138 out of 180 in the corruption ratings of Transparency International. (Canada ranks 9th out of 180, although this is a 2018 figure)

    Since “RT” is owned by the government (remember 138 out of 180), and never actually criticizes the Russian government, it is little better than, well, I cannot think of something that is both witty and critical when it involves a government as corrupt as Russia’s.

    If an organization cannot be introspective of issues in its’ home country, it cannot be seen as a legitimate voice on outside topics.

    Again, simple logic applies – “Some say RT is unbiased, Some say it is pro – Russia, no one says it is pro – west”. Deductive position – it tends to be pro Russia.

    In Canada, the CBC is a tireless cheerleader for the Liberal Party, and is very suspect in not only how it reports the news, but what it reports. The recent scandals surrounding the Liberals and SNC – Lavelin, showed the CBC either ignoring, or downplaying (small articles, taken off the first page ASAP, etc) news on this. Unless you read other sources, you would have thought there was a small issue on who got a paving contract for a public Library parking lot in Brandon Manitoba..

    I like NPR in the USA. It is user supported, and has a range of shows that go from an excellent group of business shows – “how I built this” to “marketplace” to shows with a social justice angle – ‘Latino USA’. The last year for which I was able to find any figures, it received less than 4% of its’ budget from government grants..

    None the less, I also scan the Sydney Morning Herald, Financial Times, The New York Times, the Globe and Mail, and Bloomberg. All have different ownership, are in different countries, and geographies. If all of them are reporting that the Sun came up coloured purple today, you can be pretty sure it was.

    Although, I would guess RT would do their usual open ended questioning – “was it purple? we couldn’t be sure, maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t..maybe it was a CIA plot to embarrass Russia..we don’t know”. Of course, there never are any answers, or final resolutions to all the conspiracies, just more questions, and rabbit hole theories..

    One last thing, RT promoted all the conspiracy theories surrounding the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner a few years ago, over Ukraine. One of them was that the CIA fill a plane with corpses and remotely piloted it into the zone to – you guessed it – “embarrass Russia”. Other theories included the Ukrainian air force confusing it with a plane with Putin on it, and they wanted to assassinate him..all part of the centuries old samizdat/dizinformat Russian cultural approach to information.

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