Thunder Bay – A Definite Flaw In The System

Hammarskjold High School in Thunder Bay, Ont., closed again Tuesday after 14th threat

The public school board in Thunder Bay, Ont., says Hammarskjold High School is closed again Tuesday due to an anonymous threat.

It’s the 14th threat directed against the north-side high school in just over two months; 12 of those threats have forced Lakehead Public Schools to close the school for the day. – CBC News
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Lets see….person uses anonymous TIPS line to phone in threat to high school.  The anonymity  of all people who call that number is protected by law. There is no  way of finding out who made threat.  No way of knowing if person is in the city, province, or country.
ANY threat at all, creditable or non-credible, requires school to be shutdown until police clear the school.  Students are sent home.
You think that there is a definite flaw in this system?  Did nobody ever think that this could happen?  Seriously?
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