The World – Germany Says “No” To F-35

Lockheed Exec Blasts Germany’s “Retrograde Step” Of Refusing F-35 Jet

American defense contractor giant Lockheed Martin has blasted Germany over its refusal to buy its F-35 stealth fighters, in the latest row over the future of NATO defense readiness.

In early February it was confirmed that Germany snubbed Lockheed’s cutting edge and expensive joint strike fighter, knocking the American stealth fighter of out of a tender worth billions of euros, as Germany’s military considers how to replace its aging Tornado warplanes, for which Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet and Airbus’ NATO Eurofighter Typhoon remain prime alternate contenders.

Lockheed Martin’s vice president for Europe, Jonathan Hoyle, told FT that knocking the F-35 out of contention will only hold Germany back in terms of ability to keep pace with NATO readiness.

“So when we go off and collaborate together operationally, if you are flying stealth, fifth-generation jets, you don’t want a fourth-generation jet in the middle of your operations because everyone can see that”, he told FT. The Lockheed executive still touted Europe as a “key area of growth,” however, especially Poland, which has recently vowed to increase its defense spending.  – Zerohedge

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Will Canada have the guts to say “No” to the F-35?  My understanding is that the F-35 is an extremely expensive piece of crap.  Sounds exactly what our federal government would buy.

Davie gets $7.1M contract from feds to refit 53-year-old coast guard icebreaker

The government has said the navy does not need another interim supply ship and has instead been handing Davie maintenance and refit contracts for existing coast-guard and naval vessels.

It is also buying three second-hand icebreakers from Davie, which the shipyard has started to convert for the coast guard and which will likely remain in service for the next 15 to 20 years.

The contract announced Tuesday is being awarded without a competition and will see Davie put the Louis St-Laurent in drydock. – TimesColonist

Second hand submarines. Second hand jets. Second hand icebreakers. Using naval supply ships from Spain and Chile because Canada does not have any.  I wonder what equipment our Army is using?


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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    The issue is not that the F-35 “is a piece of crap” – all military systems have teething problems. It is expensive, but eventually it will work itself out.

    The issue in Canada is that the armed forces are supposed to get by on a grand total of 65 planes. Given that attrition, etc. reduces that number rapidly, it could be easy to see that within a very short period of time Canada would be down to a single squadron or two – at most. By comparison, even the Netherlands – country with less than half of Canada’s population, and a geography the size of a provincial park was looking to buy the same number – or more.

    I think the real solution would be to look at less expensive, NATO compatible jets – like the latest SAAB offerings, and buy 200 or so. That way (with lower hourly operating costs) pilots would get more flying hours, and be far better trained – which time and again has shown to be superior to technology on the battlefield….at some point, Stalin’s maxim “Quantity has a Quality of its’ own” kicks in and sheer numbers become important..

    As for the rest of the military, the USA should do Canada a favour and run a carrier battle group through the Northwest Passage. The NDP and Liberals aren’t worried about the Russians, or Chinese, but if the US Navy did that, even the NDP would be standing up in Parliament demanding a 10x increase in military spending.

    (the reality is that every military with nuclear powered subs runs under the ice in the Arctic – it is part of standard training. That would include India, China, the UK, France, Russia, and the USA. The G&M had an article some years ago, about a Russian icebreaker doing tourist duty in Canada’s Arctic. The author, went up to the bridge, and was shown the charts of where they were going. He noticed , that they were far superior in detail than anything he had seen from the Canadian Coast Guard, etc…and then it occurred to him – submarines collect depth data, etc., and so Soviet/Russian subs have been doing this in Canada for decades..)

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