Canada – Lets Get Our Priorities Straight

Climate activists protest outside MP’s office

Linnea Granberg and Asha Dunn say they’re fighting for the future of the planet.

The Grade 11 students joined a group of 30 activists on Friday afternoon at a climate-change rally in front of Liberal MP Patty Hajdu’s Red River Road office, calling on all levels of government to take environmental issues seriously before it’s too late.

“We don’t have this planet for that long. If we keep continuing on the path that we’re on, we’re going to destroy the environment and people my age and people younger than me won’t have an actual future on this planet. That’s why it’s important,” said Granberg, a 17-year-old student at Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute.

Classmate Asha Dunn said it needs to be dealt with now, something too many politicians seem to be willing to put on the back burner – if they even believe in the science to begin with. – Tbnewswatch

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With Canada and its warmongering Foreign Minister supporting an illegal coup in Venezuela, risking a war with Russia, and supporting the expansion of NATO right up to the Russian border, risking a war with Russia, I would think that today’s young people might be protesting against an extinction-level nuclear war instead of some vague threat such as climate change.

War between nuclear powers has never been closer since the Cuban missile crisis back in the 1960s.  Trump is pushing for a fight with anyone who does not kneel before the mighty US.  He is imposing financial and economic sanctions on so many countries, he has probably lost track himself, all the while hoping such hardships will provoke a response that will give his military the green-light to launch an attack.

This behaviour that the US and its boot-licking lackeys such as Canada need to be stopped.  The only way is for the public to rise up and publicly protest.

The threat produced by climate change is not immediate. Won’t happen this year. Not next year. Maybe never.  Nobody knows for sure.  The time frame keeps changing.

The threat produced by nuclear war is high today.  It will be high tomorrow.  The same next week.

Young people are protesting against the wrong threat.  They should protesting in front of Foreign Affairs Minister Crystia Freeland’s office.  In front of Minister of Workforce, Employment and Labour Patty Hajdu’s office.  Hounding Trudeau everywhere he goes.  THAT is what our young people need to be doing. Protesting against war.

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    “…“We don’t have this planet for that long. If we keep continuing on the path that we’re on, we’re going to destroy the environment and people my age and people younger than me won’t have an actual future on this planet. That’s why it’s important,”….

    As George Carlin said – “….the planet is fine..”

    Besides, humanity has been altering the climate (locally) ever since the first tree were cut down for agriculture – somewhere around 10,000 years ago.

    And I would ask some of those protesters if they have a cat or a dog. Around 15% of all harvested animal protein on the planet is for urban (read useless) pets…Cats eat meat, so do dogs…where do they think all that protein (they are carnivores) comes from? Some have estimated having a large dog as a pet, is more destructive to the planet than driving a large SUV…if they want to save the planet, they can start by looking at their pets…

    Besides, with fewer pets, life would be easier for OB, as he wouldn’t get upset with all the people dropping “doggy bags” all over the place..

    1. Ronald McDonald
      Ronald McDonald at | | Reply

      It’d be totally fine to use cats and dogs as a food source for the meat eaters, but just toasting them for the potential energy or grinding them up for fertalize would likely be a better usage. No matter how they are dealt with, keeping pets is on par with keeping slaves & should be outlawed.

  2. the watcher
    the watcher at | | Reply

    Today’s Young People do not believe that a nuclear war will happen. Not now. Not ever. After all, if one does happen nothing would be left so why even have it. Right! What’s the point of it? Right! To their way of thinking it’s just not possible and not worthy of any further thought. It’s not even on their radar. Today’s Young People in Canada have only viewed war from afar staring into a tiny screen. Not up close and personal. Only today’s young immigrants who have fled war torn countries know war. There’s not many of those here in T Bay. Today’s Young People have latched onto the environment as a cause to protest. Right or wrong we all protested something growing up.

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