Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Still trying to photograph the rose. They are starting to wilt.

Turmeric and ginger tea left this at the bottom of my cup. Looks like a fried egg.

Not sure why this green paint was not part of the construction contract on this section of Court Street last summer.  If the City of Thunder Bay would include all sign installation and pavement marking as part of the contract, its got to save us taxpayers a bunch of cash.

Some dandelion macro photography

Will be flowering soon.

Thunder Bay’s premier tourist destination waterfront architecture.  Looks premier all right.

Always wonder about these signs.  There are supposed to be flags. The flags are never installed.  The flags would draw more attention to the flag.  The fact that this sign was off the right shoulder and vehicles turn left from the inside lane means that this sign would be easy for a driver intending to make a left turn to miss.

Parking lot constructed at the south end of Marina Park is pretty full.  Now that gravel area in front of the hotel is used mostly by hotel customers, this lot is getting a lot of use.  Who? Hotel staff?  Construction workers?   Anyway, its possible that the hotel is using two parking lots.  What’s left for park users?  I guess we will see what happens in the future. I can see this building up to a major conflict between park users and hotel staff and guests.

Light poles going up on the street extension at the south end of Marina Park.

Tree Swallows


Pussy Willow

First attempt at a bee macro.  A work in progress.

The CC-130J that has been flying over the city for the past few days.

RCAF facing problems getting enough parts for C-130J Hercules transport planes – wheels being taken from older aircraft

Not sure what this was.  Concrete with barbed wire?

There is a photo in this pile of wood somewhere.  I intend to find it.

A Re-breasted Merganser from underneath


Trash in context

MV Beatrix

Looks like the rest of the wooden poles in Marina Park are going top be replaced. Some were replaced last winter.  The poles are less than 8? years old.

Want to know what is the main feature at the heart of the City of Thunder Bay’s $70 million PLUS premier tourist destination?  The centre of the world class facility?  A parking lot. That’s right.  The centre of Prince Arthur’s Landing is a parking lot.

Visible from the hotel. Visible from the fountain area.

Visible from the Water Garden Pavilion.  A conspiracy theorist might think that replacing Market Square with a parking lot that sits right in front of the hotel was what the private developers had in mind all along.

By leasing the piece of land immediately south of the fountain, the private developers insured that the planned artisan building was not built there.  That building was moved and became the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office).  The private developers claimed that they would build a commercial building on that site instead.

Now Market Square is no longer a thing.  It has been trashed.  If the private developer does not build that commercial building then the entire space will become a parking lot….right in front of their hotel. Hmmm…

The private developers also are leasing the train station. Hmm… Any development of that building would need parking. Luckily, there is now a giant parking lot there.

This entire Market Square/parking lot fiasco is a very sad joke. Having a parking lot dead centre of your tourist destination is a monumental failure of planning and design.  Its ugly.

A beaver is at work on Pier 3.

Light pole bases.

They are very long.

No room to park in the lot?   Sigh.  Parking directly in front of a pedestrian crosswalk? Its the Thunder Bay way.

Ooooo Urine!   Looks and smells fresh too!  I wonder if it was a hotel guest admiring the view from the pedestrian overpass’s urinal area?  Maybe this will become something visitors to Thunder Bay will want to do. Kind of like kissing the cod in Newfoundland and Labrador or drinking booze with a toe in the glass in the Yukon.

Urinate while admiring the view from Thunder Bay’s “pee-destrian overpass” and become an official Thunder Bay citizen.  Thunder Bay Tourism…you can have that idea for free.

The parking lot at the heart of Prince Arthur’s Landing…or as I will be calling it…..The Black Hole of Price Arthur’s Landing.

Obviously, this banana peel was too heavy for the person who consumed said banana to carry to the nearest trash can.  Of course, the banana eater had to walk past a trash can when exiting the pedestrian overpass, but that is besides the point.

What kind of hair does this person have?

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