Thunder Bay – Friday

They were walking.  Not a huge crowd following along.

US Coast Guard helicopter

Canadian Rescue helicopter

Looks like a crime scene

Pussy Willows

MV Algoma Equinox

MV Beatrix.  It was loading grain but is now at anchor.  Must be waiting for the rest of its cargo to arrive.

Still some Godeneyes hanging around.

Work still going on at hotel.

Not sure what this means.

Another painted rock

Trash in context.

McVicar Creek. Lots of water flowing down right now. Some people trying to catch a fish.  Not sure if  Steelhead are running yet.

Lots of LCBO bags around.

Looks like a drinking spot

No worries. They give these things away for free.  Lose your sweater?  Just go and get another one.

Another Thunder Bay hero riding her bicycle in the bike lane where it belongs..

Looks like the new Courthouse Hotel is cleaning out another hangout area.

Doing some landscaping work


Not overly busy.

You do not want to be living in that red house.  Jackhammering rock all day right next door….for weeks.

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.

Socks? No problem. They give them away for free.  easier that washing them.

Practicing taking photos of dandelions.

and whatever these are.

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