Thunder Bay – Art And The Periodic Table Part 2

Some contaminated soil at new art gallery site requires remediation

The City of Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay Art Gallery are working to satisfy provincial environmental assessment requirements for the art gallery’s new $33-million waterfront site.

It’s not completely clear how the timing of the project might be impacted, or what additional costs might be incurred.

According to a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Change and Parks, the city’s EA has identified “some contaminated soil” around the site at the southern end of Prince Arthur’s Landing.

In an email to tbnewswatch,com, Lindsay Davidson also indicated the contaminated area needs to be remediated.

The nature and scope of the contamination is not being made public as yet, however art gallery executive director Sharon Godwin said she’s not worried.

A project of this kind, Godwin said, “comes with a lot of different things you have to jump through. But we have good people working on it.”

She noted that the current plan is to build the gallery on piles “so we’re not removing materials…that’s the reason the plan is that way.”

The art gallery will lease the property from the city. – tbnewswatch

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Told you that back in January, 2014. Trow Engineering did some drilling back in 2007 for Phase 2 of the Marina Park expansion Project.  This information was out there for 12 years yet the site was still chosen over the former Eaton’s building.

How much is the site remediation going to cost?  Is it included in the $33 million price tag?

The art gallery will lease the property from the city.

Presently, the City of Thunder Bay gives the Thunder Bay Art Gallery over $260,000 annually.  That number will likely go up to $400,000.

Presently, the Thunder Bay Art Gallery pays Confederation College $1 or $2 per year. That sum pays for all the maintenance of the property.  Who is going to pay to maintain the art gallery property once its located on the waterfront?  How much is that going to cost?  How much could have been saved had the art gallery relocated to the former Eaton’s Building or anywhere else in the city for that matter?


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