Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Big crowd hanging out inside the pedestrian overpass today.  No other place these people could hang out in.  Not in the park.  Nope. Right there.  Tourists will love walking that gauntlet.

Work continues on the street extension at the south end of Marina Park.

Fence around Boat Launch parking lot has finally been removed.  Maybe the work will actually be finished?

Tree Swallow

Mini stage ready

Great Egret today. Not a lot of action.

Close crop

Did some backhoe work here yesterday.

Boats starting to show up in marina.

Not sure why the work on these docks started so late.  Boaters will not be able to use Pier 2 for about a month?

Drivers are getting far too comfortable parking in no parking areas of Marina Park. No enforcement will do that.

Pier 3 now open to the public….finally!

Pier 3…

Birch sap flowing on stump after beaver felled tree.


Trash in context

Could have taken these with them once they left

More trash left behind in the pedestrian overpass.

Trash can that the litterbugs have to walk past when leaving the overpass.

This bag is not staying inside the can. One of the drawbacks of a screened trash can.

Trash in context

The Foundry patio is up

Excitement at Red River Road and Court Street.  White powder discovered. World coming to an end.

Don’t go past the cruiser.  If you do, a police officer will yell and scream at you.   As if you should know that you are not supposed to walk past the cruiser. The yellow police line tape is up the sidewalk this side of the firefighter.  If you thought you could walk as far as the yellow tape you are mistaken.

Why don’t police officers have to wear hats?  No safety vests?

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