Canada – Trudeau Creating Ministry Of Truth

Canada’s digital charter to combat fake news would fine platforms: Trudeau

Canada will introduce a “digital charter” to combat fake news and hate online, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau announced Thursday.

Speaking at the Viva Technology conference in Paris, Trudeau said social media platforms could face fines if the companies don’t police misinformation and extremism.

“The platforms are failing their users and they’re failing our citizens,” he said. “They have to step up in a major way to counter disinformation.”

The announcement comes after an international meeting Wednesday co-chaired by French President Emmanuel Macron and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern where leaders signed a pledge to combat extremism online. Dubbed the “Christchurch Call,” it was signed by governments and CEOs of tech companies.

Though few details were offered about Canada’s so-called “digital charter,” Trudeau said that companies could face fines for not properly monitoring their online platforms.

“If they don’t, we will hold them to account and there will be meaningful financial consequences,” he said.

Trudeau is expected to speak to the media again on Thursday morning. – CTV News

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I will wait  for the government to fine itself.  Governments spew out fake news (lies) on a daily basis.  My guess is that is not going to happen.

CBC?  BBC?  CNN?  Buzzfeed?  MSNBC?  New York Times?  Daily Mirror?  The Guardian? You think the Canadian Government is going to fine them?  Of course not. They will go after the little guy.

Plus, who will decide what constitutes fake news?  That is a lot of power to give anyone.  Government appointee?  A Ministry of Truth?  Was Orwell right about this as well?

Seems like a good way to shut down criticism of the government or its friends and policies.

Another attack at what free speech we have left in Canada.  First “hate speech”.  Now “fake news”.  What is left?


“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
― George Orwell, 1984

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    “….CBC? BBC? CNN? Buzzfeed? MSNBC? New York Times? Daily Mirror? The Guardian? You think the Canadian Government is going to fine them? Of course not….”

    Why not? Governments fine large corporations all the time. Some argue that the fines amount to comparative “parking tickets” – like the $5 Billion USD fine on FaceBook, but none the less, they are fined.

    “…They will go after the little guy….”

    Who are “little guys?” If they generally stick to the truth, (or have editors – see New York Times, MSNBC, etc.) as opposed to publishing conspiracies, or unproven innuendo, they should be just fine.

    Go to any good magazine rack, or library of a higher education institution. There you will find publications like “The Journal of Foreign Affairs”, or “Policy Review.”

    These publications have incredibly small circulations – under 10,000 in most cases (I think they are “little guys”). They print articles that are very critical of all politicians, and parties. And they have been around for decades, with no lawsuits, etc.


    They have editors, and back up all that they print with documented research.

    I do not like Trudeau. I do not like the Liberal Party of Canada.I don’t necessarily like the “pledge” they are talking about (it has not passed into legislation yet), but I suggest we wait and see – or better yet, call your representative and express your thoughts, on whether you think this is a good idea or not.

    Besides, there has been legislation against “hate speech” on the books for decades, and there is little enforcement, so the likelihood of “little guys” being taken to court is slim….most court cases against people speaking on ‘sensitive” subjects, usually were launched for publicity, end up benefiting the party being sued, and ultimately collapse…

    Ever heard of the “Barbara Streisand effect?” She was selling one of her houses, and someone took a picture either from a helicopter, or small plane (this was just before drones came into common use). They put it on their blog (probably not much different from this one)…in 3 months it got something like 1,500 hits. She found out about it. She sued him. Because of the attention the lawsuit drew, his “hits” passed a million in something like 2 days.

    Same thing with “Mcmansion hell” (one of my favorites)…quietly going along, with only architecture nerds reading it – like 5,000 a month. She uses publicly available shots for her critiques (they are funny) the American Realters Association sues her (for using public domain pictures) – BINGO! – you can guess the rest..They had to pay her legal fees, etc.

    Think of it like laws against dropping “doggy bags” all over the place, or parking in a cross walk…never enforced….

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