Thunder Bay – Thursday

You can actually see my camera lens in the water droplet

New docks in Marina Park

Going here on Pier 2?

Looks like a group of contractors taking a tour.  Going to bid on some work?

Some Greater Scaups

Common Grackle

Tree Swallow

Tug MV Teclutsa

MV Ojibway

MV Yukina

Looking for food

Double-crested Cormorant

Marina coming alive. Now if only the warm weather would show up.

Going to be fun this summer with the hotel and boaters tying up most of the parking spaces.

Yellow-rumped Warbler?

Valve that has lifted

Love this catchbasin.  The curb used to run along the edge of the catchbasin until it was discovered that it was hard for vehicles to make the right turn.  Sooo, they  moved the curb and gutter. The catchbasin could not be moved soo now it is located out in the street.

Looks like the light base has also lifted.

Lots of sidewalk cracking.

Figure by now we would know how to build concrete sidewalks that won’t crack so easily.  I think that the ground on the roadside of the crack settled while the other side did not.  Soo the concrete cracked.

Trash in context.



Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.

Looks like some people believe that this is spring.

Yup, its going to be red.

This one is going to be yellow


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