Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Confronts Violent Crime Wave

Thunder Bay confronts violent crime wave as arrival of outside gangs stokes racial tensions

A tide of assaults, holdups and murders has left many residents feeling frustrated and afraid, while overwhelming a police force grappling with accusations of systemic racism

Lee-Ann Chevrette had good news for Thunder Bay.

On April 29, in her 2018 action report to city council, the co-ordinator of the city’s Crime Prevention Council said that, through “evidence-based” and “collaborative” strategies such as lighting enhancement, a laneway revitalization project and postcards about missing-persons cases, the city was increasingly seen “as a model for work around community safety and well-being.”

Such optimism was hard to reconcile, however, with events outside the council chambers.

Only hours earlier, Thunder Bay had notched its sixth homicide of the year when 52-year-old Andrew Ayre succumbed to injuries he received in a beating in broad daylight the week before, just around the corner from City Hall. An online death notice described Mr. Ayre as a loving father of three and stepfather of two who had “Travolta-worthy dance moves, and a singing voice that could rival John Fogerty.”

“Andy will not be forgotten,” it read.

His brazen killing is yet another in a disturbing trend: In 2016 and 2017, Thunder Bay had more murders per capita than any other metro area in Canada. The city of about 110,000 saw eight and seven killings those years; this year, it is on track for more than a dozen.

A violent crime wave has hit this Northwestern Ontario city. A tide of assaults, holdups and murders, often reported luridly on social media, has left many residents feeling frustrated and afraid. – Globe and Mail

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I don’t know this city any more. Used to be a great place to live.  I do not believe that any longer.

Murders, robberies, drugs, public drinking, trash everywhere, large number of walking dead wandering the streets, aggressive panhandlers and apparently its the most racist city in the world. PLUS some of the worst drivers I have ever seen anywhere.

The only thing this city has going for it is its location. Its surrounded by some amazing natural beauty.  Sooo there is that.  But the city, its sliding towards shithole status.

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  1. William A Olesky
    William A Olesky at | | Reply

    It is not that people are afraid, they would be foolish to travel down Victoria Avenue, east of Victoriaville. Last Friday we saw a group of people fighting in front of the pub at 11 am and on Monday later at the entrance to Kam Park, two men were fighting and one landed on the road. Will I be going anywhere near this part of town with my wife? We all know what the solution is to Victoria Avenue.

  2. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    sliding towards…you mean slid in already….Ghetto Bay.

  3. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    “…I don’t know this city any more. Used to be a great place to live. I do not believe that any longer….”

    In the middle of the last century, TB (or “the Lakehead”) was something like 19th largest city, and 3rd largest port in Canada…It was larger than places that now dwarf it, like Saskatoon, Barrie, etc….it didn’t even keep pace with the regular population growth of the province, or the country….there is a great blog called “Hot Rods and Jalopies” that catalog this period of optimism….

    Today, one reads about all the politicians begging Rob Ford to help the Bombardier plant stay open…hmm, lets’ see, the last time any riding in the Thunder Bay area voted for Ford’s party was…….uhhhh….1930 something? …Like him or not, he is the Premier, and if he expends political capital to help Thunder Bay, what exactly will his pay – off be? Probably more chances to lose two seats to either an NDP or Liberal MLA….don’t hold your breath….Politics has always been something that is self – defeating/destructive for the city (The isolation, probably contributes to it…too many people still think the world HAS to buy trees, or rocks from this part of the world – or ship it through it…hasn’t been true for decades…)

    “…The only thing this city has going for it is its location. Its surrounded by some amazing natural beauty….”

    Oh yeah. If TB were in the USA it would another Sante Fe….but its’ not, so it won’t….

    The city is among the oldest in Canada (Actually a few years ago, I saw stats – it is “older” than retirement places Like Victoria, or Kamloops….

    It is also changing in other ways…The Comedienne David Brenner, used to joke that when he went to Florida, he looked at what he saw in the streets, and he thought it was a place, where “Old Jewish people go to have young Cuban children” …Thunder Bay has turned into a place where old White people, have young..well you can guess the rest…

    Take a look at the obits – Old Europeans and young natives are dying….

    It may yet live up to its’ potential…but that will have to wait decades more….

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