Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Looks like some tourists brought their own vehicle over from Europe. I’m guessing Germans.

Its got a snorkel on it.  I wonder where this vehicle expects to go?

There are vehicles parked in the four star? Delta by Marriott waterfront hotel valet parking lot.  No valet service that i can see so far.

Still a lot more of cars in the adjoining public parking lot

Road work continues on the road extension at the south end of Marina Park.

Not sure about this valve location.  I wonder what idiot decided that this was a great place to install this?

Where the new road joins the old road.



Young raven

Looks like someone replaced a bulb on their vehicle.   Decided to toss the old one here.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash in context

Yellow Warbler

MV Helena G is still anchored out there

MV Ojibway

Looks like an official boat of some sort

Could be a Clay-coloured Sparrow

Not sure what type of butterfly this is.

You would not want to hit one of these with your boat.  I wonder where they came from?

New Pier 2 dock is in place. Now the utilities must be installed.

Archie’s Fishing Charters has a new boat.   Pretty shiny.

Why deface the rocks in Marina Park?  Idiots and assholes.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Looks like this cup had tea in it.  Its still trash though.

Almost all parking lots in Marina Park were full today.  Fountain/splashpad still not open. Its going to be a fun summer for fountain/splashpad users. I suggest if you are going down there, go early.

I went back and took more macro photos of the broken window in the pedestrian overpass.

Someone is wiping the writing on the pedestrian overpass windows but not doing a great job of it.

At the tourist pagoda.  Parking is only 15 minutes away?  Where is it? Intercity?

A bottle of Labatt’s Ice for the firefighters?

That processed meat will kill you.

Trash in context.

Trash in context

I’ve never tasted this brand of beer.  What I do know is that its cheap.  I see quite a few empty cans around the city.


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    Great images as usual. You isolated that dandelion perfectly.

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