Thunder Bay – Thursday

I love the sunshine but its tough taking photos at high noon. The light at that time of day is not good.  But I try anyway.  Its the only way to learn.

Not exactly complementary colours but close enough.

Not a fan of this car parking in this spot. Never have been.  The sign across the street says that no vehicle can park anywhere between that sign and the crosswalk.  As you can see, almost half of the car is closer to the crosswalk than that sign.  The vehicle cannot move any further back because of the entrance to the parking lot.  In fact, I believe the vehicle is parked too close to the parking lot entrance/exit.

Why are vehicles allowed to park in this area on this side of the street, in front of a stop sign, while not allowed to do so on the other side of the street?  There used to be a sign on this side of the street but it was knocked down, removed and never replaced.

Is it too much to ask for consistency with the traffic control signing in this city?   I guess it is in Thunder Bay. Another reason why this city will never be more than it is now.

Its parked too close to the intersection.  Why does nobody else see that?

this photo taken yesterday

As you can see, the vehicle blocks the sight-lines at the intersection/crosswalk. The first time a pedestrian is visible to the driver approaching the crosswalk/intersection is when the pedestrian steps into the driving lane directly in front of the approaching vehicle. Not safe.

Self love yourself too much and you might go blind.  That is what I was told.

Lots of feral hubcaps around this town.

Looks like the solution to the crosswalk signal button issue is to place two button on the single pole

while all three other corners have two poles with one button on each. All because of a traffic light pole that cannot be moved. So why not have only one pole on the three other corners as well?   If its good enough for one corner, why is it not good enough for all corners?

Feral shopping carts grazing

No work taking place today. Why?  Nice day.

No rush to finish this I guess.

I can’t help but see that valve on the edge of the shoulder.  Should not be there but this is Thunder Bay. Anything is possible here.

Wonder what these birds are thinking when they look at me?

Paint scraping. on the CCGS Alexander Henry.  Needs painting bad.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Painted turtle

MV Helena G

MV Ojibway

Think its a Song Sparrow

Collecting Ladybugs?

Tree were trimmed quite a while ago. Might be time to collect the branches that were trimmed and haul them away.

Nobody has found the rock yet?

Its not that hard to see.

American White Pelican

The dock assembly is done.  The company is gone.  The utility installation continues.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash in context


Trash in context

Trash up close

Trash in context.  That erosion control blanket needs to be repaired and covered with rocks.  Its looked like this for several years now.  It looks ugly.

Time to empty it?   Maybe?

Opened up a small operation under the north core parkade.

Trash in context

I know I am an asshole but I believe that people, after they are finished cutting their grass, should sweep the grass they threw onto the sidewalk off of the sidewalk. I thinks it just a good thing to do. Takes only a few minutes.

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    I was in San Diego a year ago for a conference. I did a tour of the retired aircraft carrier Midway. Across the harbour you could see the naval base and two active carriers being refitted. Both carriers were covered in white plastic (much like a boat in storage).

    I asked one of the docents why that was. ‘The carriers are being repainted, and you cannot let and paint flakes or overspray get on the water. EPA rules.’

    Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Canada has tougher environmental laws than the USA…..

  2. focal point
    focal point at | | Reply

    Whoever has the largest ladybug collectio wins. Interesting image for sure. I have never seen that before.

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