Thunder Bay – Saturday – Its June!

Looking for colour

Trash in context

This sign is brand new. Hmmm….no overnight parking. That must be aimed at hotel guests.  Two hour parking limit?  I will believe that when I see that. Might be nice if they enforced the areas covered by “no parking” signs.

Me thinks that our high salaried residents of City Hall are preparing for the summer “parking apocalypse” or parkapocalypse as I will call it from now on.  Should be interesting as the City of Thunder Bay does not enforce parking regulations on weekends anywhere in the city.  Just the parking areas reserved for boaters in the marina.

People were forking out the big bucks to ride in the helicopter down at the Pool 6 property today.

Always looks wet.  Interesting.  I thought it was calcium chloride but now I am not so sure.

Showing off the peanuts?

Some Lesser Scaups

Goose family out for a tour

Trash in context


After all that, they ignore each other.  No cuddling.


The young raven has flown the coop.  Found him/her on one of the Osprey roosts erected last fall.  An interesting view for sure,

No…there is no construction going on. The road is open.  No need for these signs.


Trash in context

This goose family wandered into Red-winged Blackbird territory to feed.  The geese were attacked.

Sigh..sure sign of summer.  Notice the workers who are blowing the dust all over the neighbourhood are wearing masks.  You know who is not wearing masks?  Everyone else.

Leaf blowers!  They should be illegal in the city.  All they do is blow the dust and light sand around.  They remove the heavy sand/gravel.

Thunder Bay is a dirty city. This is going on all over the city right now.

Hopefully, the caboose will be open for visitors this summer.

Hope they did not catch any fish.  No place to clean them as the fish cleaning station is closed.

What work needed to be done in order to have this facility open?  Almost nothing.

Speaking of dust. Thunder Bay Terminals is creating a hell of a lot.  Sure glad I don’t live over there.  MV Ojibway at Keefer Terminal.  MV Federal Caribou is at Thunder Bay Terminals.

Double-crested Cormorant

Helicopter taking off again at Pool 6.

More crow photos

The painted rock is gone.

Yellow Warbler. Female

Oooo…Sometimes you luck out.

Are they never going to finish this? Pretty sure this is not the finished exterior.

You see, Saturday and Sunday are not regulated. Also after 5 pm.

Nice big drink of Poppers Hard Ice Malt Liquor. 7 % alc/vol.  Well, its almost lunch time anyway.

Bring on the tourists!

Looks disgusting.  Its the Lyceum building.

St. Pauls Street.  More plywood windows.

Looks like a Song Sparrow.  I could be wrong though.

Makes me sad every time I see this building. Sigh… What might have been.

Raptor fans.  They are everywhere now.

Trash in context.

Trash in context.  Blackfly cooler. Popular in this city.

Just leave your clothes behind. You can always get more for free. They give clothes away.

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