Thunder Bay – Sunday

Any recyclable stuff in there?

Notice most of the trash are drink containers.

What is left after the parking lot cleaning work yesterday?  The one that created large clouds of dust?  Lots of fine sand.

This sand and other fine material left behind can be airborne with a good wind.

Trash in context.

I guess if the machine cannot sweep it, then it must be left for ?????  All summer?  Will it still be there come fall?

Still no construction taking place.

Parked cars will make the sign invisible.

Still wet.

Hmmm…. Why is this area still wet?

MV Algoscotia

Lesser Scaups are still here

So is the Goldeneyes

Common Grackle


Baby geese are cute for a while. They get uglier as the get bigger.

The young raven seems to have been abandoned by its parents

If it does not find its parents or fly away soon, the crows will move in and make a meal of the bird.

Bare spot now painted over.

American White Pelican

Walk in support of Diabetes

Hope they did not catch a fish as the fish cleaning station is closed until further notice.

MV Ojibway

looks like the docks are too short.  It should extend as far as that white anchor post

The end needs to be attached like these

Not fastened.  It should be. Why is it not?

The other end is anchored.

Parking lot is very dusty.

Walk in support of Arthritis

Diabetes raffle draw

Too heavy to carry to a trash can.

Trash in context.

High quality work

Why ride on a perfectly good bike lane when you can ride on the sidewalk?

Trash in context

Not looking too busy

I wonder when this work will be done?

From a hair spray bottle?

The carousel organ was going to be playing today in Waverley Park.

Thunder Bay Brass

Repairing or demolishing? Looks promising.  This might be saved.

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2 Responses

  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Re: the Dock…..If you look closely, the length that the dock is short at one end, is equal to the length it goes past the post at the other end….that is quality installation of the highest caliber….obviously they made sure the best minds available were assigned to the project….

  2. speakeasy
    speakeasy at | | Reply

    omg……..what an excellent explanation. gittes gets the gold star

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