Thunder Bay – Single Use Plastic Ban

District municipal leaders hope for decisive action on single-use plastic ban

Monday’s announcement that the federal government plans to ban single-use plastic products by 2021 is welcome news to northwestern Ontario communities struggling to deal with increasing plastic going to the local dump.

Details are still to be worked out, and the government says it will conduct research to ensure it comes up with the right plan.

The ban could include plastic bags, straws, cutlery, plates and stir sticks.

Gillies Township Reeve Wendy Wright says she’s pleased that Ottawa is showing leadership on the issue.

At her instigation, plastic was a key topic at a board meeting of the Thunder Bay District Municipal League held on the weekend.

Representatives of the TBDML’s 18 municipalities all reported they are facing the same challenge of increasing plastic leading to shorter life-expectancies for their local landfills. – Tbnewswatch

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Why not ban single use everything?  Other than health and safety issues, why do we need single use anything?

How about plastic bottles?  They were not mentioned in the article.  Plastic bottles must be high on the list of sources of plastic waste.  How about plastic packaging?  Is that single use?  Pretty sure it is.

If you think about it, almost everything is made of plastic today.  Even if its not single use, there is a lot of plastic that ends up in the landfill or simply dumped in the bush.

Ban plastic?  Why not reduce the use of plastic?  Because we can’t.  Plastic is sooo integral in our consumer-based economy that if it were banned, we would not be able to buy anything.

Lets face it.  We are screwed as a species. Why not just embrace the fact that we are doomed to go extinct? Party like its 1999.

We have had a good run.  Not nearly as successful as the dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs were around for 177 million years. We have been around for maybe 200,000 years.   A lot less.

Of course, dinosaurs were not near as intelligent as we are.  We have the big brain.  Too bad we don’t use it.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    but other Asian countries do nothing….jst dump it into rivers to the sea…THEY are the problem NOT Canada…

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