Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Another plastic bottle that will not be banned by the federal Liberal Party.

Sod work begins at the boat launch parking lot

Damage to the asphalt that was laid only last year at the south end of Marina Park.  Done by construction equipment?  Boater?

Damage done by construction equipment last year

Damage was done while excavating this area

The damaged asphalt area should be removed and replaced when asphalt paving starts up at the south end of Marina Park….but it won’t be removed and replaced.

Another plastic bottle that will not be banned by the federal Liberal Party.

Not sure what this is but its pink and shiny.

Bee photos

Really getting that face deep into the flower

Don’t worry.  These birds will be gone soon.  Then I will stop photographing them.

A cloud of gulls follows a commercial fishing boat.

Why is this trash located down at the back 40 of the Pool 6 property?

Trash in context.  Philadelphia Cream Cheese container.

More waterfront trash

Trash in context. The silt fence does not look like its still functional.  Does it matter?  Of course not because this is Thunder Bay.  Silt fences are just for show.  Its not like our high salaried residents of City Hall expect them to work.  Its not like our high salaried residents of City Hall expect contractors to maintain them.

If its no longer required, then maybe this silt fence should be removed?  The silt fence on the south side of the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) trail is still there. Almost ten years after the work was completed!

I wonder what is going onto the shoulder?  I hope its not rock.  Placing rocks next to a rec trail is stupid.  Its a safety hazard.

The MV Federal Mackinac is still anchored out there.

The MV Industrial Skipper does not appear to have offloaded any of its cargo yet.  Also, the MV Ojibway is gone!

Found this painted rock.  I took it and moved it to another location in the park….as I was supposed to do.

Don’t get a photo of these birds for weeks. Now, they are jumping all over each other to get in front of my camera.

Patio on the new four star? Delta by Marriott waterfront hotel is now open so, of course,  work to complete the area that remained unfinished for well over a month starts up.  Patio patrons get to watch and listen while eating their meals. Hurrah!

By Thanksgiving day, these geese will be meal size. Put your order in now.

Patrons on Bight’s patio watch as someone was carted out of the restaurant on a stretcher.   Not sure what happened.   Not a good look for any restaurant.

Hmmm….was it the special?

Trash.  Hard to get a photo with it in context.  Its really deep in the bushed.

Water going in the fountain pond today.  Maybe the fountain will start up soon?

Could not pick a worse place to park your car.  This being Marina Park, where you park does not really matter..unless its in a parking area reserved for boaters.  THEN you get ticketed.

Stinks of urine.  I wonder if the urine has permeated the concrete?

Looks clean…ish.

Painted.  Now its a blank slate begging to be covered with graffiti.

White?  In Thunder Bay?

Mouthwash bottle.

Mouthwash bottle in context.

Now this is something you do not see everyday.

Maybe some underpants might have been appropriate here.

Trash in context.

This is located across Waverley Street from the lookout restoration site.  Why was the repair of this not included in the work?  If not repair then its removal?  Looks like crap. Its looked like crap for years.

This is the second construction project that has taken place across the street from this pile of crumbled rock.  Here it still sits.

Trash in context.

Trash in context.

Don’t think this is from a hair spray bottle.

More plastic trash.


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