Canada – Is Australian National Anthem Racist? Is Anything NOT Racist Today?

The Indigenous peoples of Australia are having the same social problems that the Indigenous people of Canada are having.  Interesting.

Australian Indigenous people are over represented in the Australian prison system as are Canadian Indigenous peoples in our prison system. Another interesting fact. Also interesting.

Seems that some things are not necessarily only a Canadian problem?

Isaac Butterfield is an Australian comedian and does use foul language a lot.  However, I think he shares the same feelings that most Canadians have about accusations of racism in Canada.

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Taken to its’ extreme, native peoples everywhere would either want everyone not “them” to either “go home”, or stay, and pay rent on every single square inch of the country…(that is called “rent – seeking” – something economists will tell you is not a very attractive part of the economy to occupy, when the “rent – payers” decide to revolt)…

    Except…almost all natives have at least some “settler” blood in them (so who determines what is “pure” native? If you go go down that road you get into what is widely decried in the USA – Miscegenation, and we don’t want to go there. There is always some blonde, light – eye – colour lawyer who is “native’ on TV screaming outrage over something..)…

    In addition, how would it be divided among the native groups? As is commonly known, something like 140% of B.C. is claimed by various native groups…

    You could go on, and on, and yes there are issues that must be addressed, but the current confrontational environment is not healthy…

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