Thunder Bay – Thursday

Some of this year’s crop of summer militia recruits

Photographed this cat before.  You can’t resist those eyes.

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.

These circus bikes on sidewalks are very dangerous.  Riders don’t care about pedestrians.  Treat pedestrians like skate park obstacles.

Yup…Smokers are the biggest litterers in this city.

A fender bender along Water Street this morning.

Looks like this car was rear-ended.

This car appears to be the vehicle that did the rear-ending.

Still maintain that police officers need to be wearing high visibility vest/jacket when out on the street.  A hat also.  As it is right now, police officers are almost completely invisible.

Firefighters are appropriately dressed.  Police need to step up their safety game.

Sodding work continues down at Marina Park.

First Calla Lilly? of the year

Trash in context

MV Industrial Skipper

Everyone wants to be immortal.  ‘I was here’.

Baby geese


A dog shows up and those babies were up and headed for the lake in a fraction of a second.

Work on the hotel continues

Fountain is on..temporarily.  Just testing the water.  Fountain/Splash Pad official opens on Saturday

Technically this is not a splash pad.  Its not a pad of any kind.

Someone is graduating something from somewhere.

MV Federal Mackinac

Brown-headed Cowbird

Has a head injury

Female Brown-headed Cowbird.

Yes, the Camelot Street entrance crows are still screaming at me…in case you are wondering.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash in conext

No graffiti so far.

Looks like some sort of art thing at the corner of Cooke and St. Paul Streets

Not anywhere near Walmart.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Getting ready for the Pride Block Party taking place on Bay Street this weekend.

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