Thunder Bay – Friday – ITS SUMMER!

Bean Fiend was closed today.

Not sure what was going on at the DSSAB apartment complex located at the corner of Cumberland and Water Streets.

Pathetic dust storm on the new road constructed at the south end of Marina Park.  Why was traffic allowed to use this before it was paved?

Visitors to the CCGS Alexander Henry have to drive through this.  Hurrah!


This is Thunder Bay’s premier tourist destination.  Funded by taxpayers.  Managed by incompetents.

Why was the asphalt removed from the old road when the new road was not yet paved?   I would have left the asphalt on the old road, let traffic to Pool 6 continue to use the old road to Pool 6 until the new road was paved.   That is how things are normally done in this situation.  The object is to minimize the dust.

Goslings are getting bigger.

First photo taken this summer.

Indigenous Peoples Day today.

Lights going to be replaced after seven or eight years of operation.   You tax dollars at work.

Metis at Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland)


Trash in context. Personal floatation device.

Parking lots were full.

Skating Rink?

Heading to the Festival Area

Drum music a touch repetitive.  Long drum solos have never been my favourite.



TBT News


Yes, grass cutting was still going on during the festivities.

Was not allowed to take photos of the Grand Entrance of dancers.  I did not stick around for the dancing.

Trash in context

Trash in context

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