Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Grand Trunk…now there is a name from the past.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Various aged goslings.

Trash in context.

The young elites are busy learning to sail.  One day they will be our corporate overlords.

Just because its in the water does not mean that the parks department should not clean up the mess.


Trash in context

What does it say about our city?  A city located on the shore of the worlds largest fresh water lake, several rivers flow through the city, 52 km of shoreline and this fountain is the main summer outdoor aquatic facility?

Trash in context

Losing his colourful feathers

The fence has gone up. The north end of the park is now closed off due to the Bluesfest.


Closed entrance.  Park visitors can still exit the park here.  You just can’t come in.

Trash in context

The pink lines are now being covered by asphalt.

These are being ramped up with asphalt.  Might be done before the snow falls.

Needle in context

Trash in context

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