Thunder Bay – Thursday

Thinking that this apple was stolen from Renco Foods.  The thief  did not like the taste so the apple was tossed.  Nobody would pay money for a piece of fruit and then not eat it.

Still no takers for the commercial space on the ground floor of the new DSSAB apartment building constructed near the intersection of Algoma and Cornwall Streets.

Looks like Sail Superior has a new sign.

You think that the City of Thunder Bay enforces this?

Still no construction taking place at the south end of Marina Park.  No paving.   What is everyone waiting for?  Having the asphalt laid down prior to the tourist season would have been ideal.  Waiting longer to complete the contract makes no sense.  The cost is the same whether the work is done in June or October.  The difference is that we, the park users would enjoy the pavement during the entire summer.  Why wait?

Interesting.  This trash group has acquired some new furniture.

Diving at my head.  I suspect their are young in the birdhouse.

A lifeboat from the former  MV Cartierdoc (former Montcliffe Hall)

Power to the propeller was provided by the people inside the boat.

Needs some work

A flyby a Great Blue Heron

Another Tree Swallow looking at me


Green is taking its time.


Needs to be spray seeded.  Weeds are taking hold.

New lights are being installed.

Watched a dog drop this deuce.  The owner pretended to look for a bag. Once I was out of sight, she just left and continued on.  Young woman. Probably screaming bloody murder about climate change.  Picking up the teaming piles of crap her dog deposits in the park?  Nope.

Trash in context.

City has two staff that are supposed to watch the fountain area.  Make sure nobody gets hurt. Nobody drowns.  Everyone behaves.  That is why I do not understand why both of the staff members were inside.  Sitting in the office talking.  Why is one staff member not outside at all times?

Mens toilet in the Water Garden Pavilion.  This urinal has been out of order for quite a while now.  Is this how the City of Thunder Bay wants to portray itself to tourists?

Trash in context.

The fence was moved closer to the Tai Chi Circle.


For some reason, the stench of urine has disappeared just in time for the Bluesfest. Coincidence?

In fact, the entire overpass no longer stinks of urine.  Apparently, it is possible to eliminate the urine smell.  You never would have guessed seeing how the City of Thunder has managed to ignore that smell for a long, long time.

Food truck.

Think I am just going to put my cardboard in the trash as well.  I see that small business do that.  I see it here.  No point in me bothering with recycling the stuff.

Looks great.  The repair blends in perfectly.  You can hardly tell there was any repair made at all.

Then there is this

and this….

City of Thunder Bay…the plywood window capital of Canada.

The REAL Thunder Bay Experience.

Trash in context.

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