Thunder Bay – Friday

Always sad to see vehicles that some people might consider classics today are vehicles that I can remember just being cars and trucks. Cars and trucks that were parked in driveways in my neighbourhood.

A new record. Vandalized before it was even operational.

Always breaks me up when I see slivers of tiles were required to fill the space on a sidewalk boulevard.  If you know the dimensions of the tiles, then its not hard to figure out how large the area that will be tiled will need to be to avoid slivers.

Less that one year old.

Trash in context

Firefighters going out for a ride in their latest toy.

July 5th and no sign of construction. No sign of asphalt.

Looks like this female Tree Swallow is dead.  Must have hit a car.

Trying to figure out what the text says.  Montcliffe Hall?

Some texture shots

Where the boat was built.   Schweers Bootswerft

These two frogs have had a bad week.


She is going to miss me.

Remnant of fireworks

Tree fluff looks like snow.  Scary if it wasn’t 30C

Not sire what this is.

Boat launch docks getting replaced.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash…broken glass bottle


Bluesfest setup is complete

Lineup already has begun

Prince Arthur hotel is selling food at the pedestrian overpass

Some welding taking place on the pedestrian overpass.  I wonder why today?  Why not a month ago?

Trash in context

Was not sure whether to post the following photos.  I am sure I will be accused of racism. Still, this is the corner of Red River Road and Cumberland Street. The north downtown core.  Bluesfest happening tonight. Lots of people wandering around the downtown.  Families vacationing.  This is what they see.

The empty bottle on the right is Imperial Fortified Wine.  Cheaper than Kelly’s finest rotgut but also 250 ml less wine. 750 ml compared to 1000 ml.

Sunshine makes the best disinfectant. Public drinking and drunkenness is an issue that needs to be addressed.  Too many people that have nothing to do. The daily void gets filled by drugs and alcohol.

Is this going to be the memory visitors have of their stay in the city?

Trash in context.

Is this restaurant ever going to re-open?

Trash in context


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