Thunder Bay – Monday

Looks like the City of Thunder Bay is going to install traffic signal control loops at the intersection of Court and Bay Street.  The loop will be cut into the asphalt, the wire laid into the groove and then covered with asphalt.

The wires will be connected to the traffic light control system.

All this work is taking place almost a year after the posts were installed.   Had the contractor that installed the posts also installed everything else…last year, then the taxpayers of the City of Thunder Bay would have been enjoying this infrastructure for almost a year.  PLUS, the cost could very well have been much less than the cost of this a la carte installation schedule we are now seeing.

Working almost a year earlier and costing less….imagine that.

Just trash now.

Not sure what this bug was doing to this fish.  Was the fish already dead and the bug latched onto it or did the bug kill it?

Almost like the bug was using the fish as a boat.

The way that the sun was reflecting off of its eyes make it look like the thing is looking at me.

Not sure what these two dragonflies are doing but I suspect it could be sexual.  They are flying around glued together.

Smells like manure.  Not a strong smell but a definite manure smell.

Dust is still an issue.  No construction going on.  Why not?

More green but still lots of brown.

Light pole installation work going on.  Why now?  Why not after Labour Day?  You know, when tourist season is over?

Equipment making a mess.

Lots of trash floating in the marina

MV Algoma Guardian

MV Manitoulin at Thunder Bay Terminals

Bluesfest is over but the area is still off-limits to pedestrians

These plants were stuck in the ground at the end of last week. Yes, the flower bed that has been empty all year up to now was filled with plants ONLY a couple of days before the Bluesfest was to begin.

Trash in context

Trash in context.

Here is a chance for everyone to prove they are not racists.  Buy a ticket to the ‘Wake the Giant’ concert, take a photo of you holding that ticket and post it to social media.  Let the world know just how virtuous you truly are.

Trash in context.

Trash in context.  That is a condom packet in the centre.  Unopened to be exact.  I am sure there is a story here.

Trash in context.

Trash in context.

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