Thunder Bay – Thursday

Trash in context

Still no construction taking place down there. No paving.

Nothing going on down there either.

What is that white stuff you ask?

Tree fluff.

Frog still there.

Pile of manure/top soil is gone

Some of it is here

Planting shrubs and grasses?

Trees are going somewhere

Hmm….Not sure what they are trying to do.  Hopefully I can take a closer look tomorrow.

Trash in context

Working on the sod that is still not green.

Nothing like this has ever been done on any sod laid on residential boulevards. Residential sod was left to turn brown and die.  No watering. No additional topsoil. No TLC.

I think the white flagged spots are locations where trees are going to be planted.

Loiterers in the pedestrian overpass.  Drinking? No surprise there.

I see the famous tetrapack of Kelly’s finest fortified rotgut wine is also on the scene. Seems to be a bottle in the background.

The glass bottle looks like its Imperial Fortified wine. No surprise there either.  There is also a can.  Hard to say what it is.

Trash in context.

You can see the loiterers up in the pedestrian overpass.

Not so flashy looking now.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Taking it down.

Its a lot of work to setup and take down.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash in context.  Another empty Imperial Fortified wine Bottle.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Winter’s coming!

I have not found one older than 1910.

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