Thunder Bay – Saturday

A Blue Jay that is going through the moulting of its head feathers.  Took photos of a Northern Cardinal going through the same thing last year.

Trash in context. Is this one of those cups made out of corn?  They are supposed to be biodegradable but they are made from corn. Corn is one of the largest genetically modified crop produced.  By-products of corn are found in almost all of the things we use everyday.

You see that “no parking here to corner” sign only applies to every other vehicle EXCEPT this one.

Now what is that Sharpie going to used for?  Hmmmm….

Trash in context

Still not repaired.

Has to move out of this guy’s way.

Ahhh yes, Kelly’s finest rotgut wine. The drink that made Thunder Bay famous.

Its a ballon…I think.

MV Juno


American Lady butterfly

Trash in context.  If you need a giant planter…

More frogs

Red-winged Blackbird. Have not seen one of these in a while.

Cabbage White butterfly

It would have been nice had the workers picked up all of the chunks of wood and stuff before the are was covered with the hydroseed solution.

Looks like a female Red-winged Blackbird with a beakful of insect.



Yes…sailors drink.

It looks like a disposable diaper. Not an empty one. In a bush in Marina Park.  You go Thunder Bay !

Postcard photo…anyone remember postcards?

Working around the Camelot Street entrance

Trash in context.

Trash in context

Trash in context.

Trash in context

Good to have friends.  The gentleman in the centre had crammed an entire day of celebration into the morning. Instead of passing out on the sidewalk in the north core, these people helped him get home.

Door handle from some vehicle.

What they are supposed to look like.

What these ones look like.

Smoking spot.

The giant orange poster is gone.

You ever wake up and feel like this?


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