Thunder Bay – Wednesday

An orange poo bag.  Not sure why they come in different colours.  Is it a fashion statement?  Poo bags to match outfits?

The Water Street hole.  Work to complete repairs is underway. This phase of the work is done by a private contractor. Notice that southbound traffic was shifted onto the northbound side of the centre line.  One lane traffic in each direction.  This allows traffic to flow in both directions.

City of Thunder Bay crews always close one lane of traffic. They never bother to setup this kind of traffic solution.  A win/win solution: workers have one side of the street to themselves. Traffic keeps moving in both directions.

Lazy.  Not giving a damn about the public.  Not value for money.

An issue I have with the setup is that a contractor vehicle is parked in front of the flashing arrow sign.  Blocking the view.


Another issue. One I have with many local contractors.  The condition of traffic signs.

Needs to be replaced.  City of Thunder Bay needs to enforce construction sign standards.


A cloud of dust created by the cutting of concrete on Pier 1.   The City of Thunder Bay has no requirement that contractors at least make an effort to minimize the dust created by the cutting of concrete.

Should be written into every contract.

The contractor installing the new light posts must cut some of the concrete bases. This is a park. This is a marina. There are condos and a hotel. There are playgrounds and rec trails.  Dust suppression should be a mandatory construction practice all across the city.

The MV Juno.

Inflatables terrifying the future sailors.

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