The World – Scientists Join ‘No Fly’ Movement To Curb Emmisions

Scientists join ‘no fly’ movement to curb emissions

There was a time when Angelica Lim, a Canadian robotics professor, travelled 20 times a year by plane, often to scientific conferences overseas. Then she took a test to calculate her carbon footprint.

The results were shocking.

“I realized that my carbon footprint was something like 20 times over what our goal should be,” Lim, an assistant professor and artificial intelligence scientist at Simon Fraser University, told CTV News.

The discovery was a wake-up call. These days, Lim flies just once or twice a year. She’s now part of a growing movement of scientists and researchers who are finding other ways to connect with their international peers without contributing to air-travel pollution.

The no-fly movement is already gaining traction in Sweden, where the concept of flight shame is so mainstream that it already has its own word: flygskam (pronounced “fleeg-skahm.”)

Instead, many climate-conscious Swedes are getting behind the idea of tagskryt, which translates to “train brag.” On Instagram, more and more travellers are using the word to boast about the low-carbon travel option.

This week, the movement was given a major publicity boost after climate activist Greta Thunberg travelled from the U.K. to New York City by sailboat to raise awareness about zero-emissions forms of travel.

For scientists and academics, flying overseas to attend conferences and meet face-to-face with other researchers is common. But the environmental toll is hard to ignore.

A round-trip flight from London to New York City releases about 986 kg of CO2 per passenger, according to Atmosfair, a German nonprofit organization. That’s more than the average citizen of countries such as Burundi and Paraguay releases in an entire year.

Estimates suggest that aviation is responsible for two per cent of the world’s annual emissions. That number is expected to skyrocket in the near future. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, air travel emissions will grow between 300 and 700 per cent from 2005 to 2050.

Those numbers set off alarm bells for Peter Kalmus, a California-based climate scientist. So he started No Fly Climate Sci, a group that encourages both academics and members of the public to ditch air travel.

He says the movement is about putting your money where your mouth is. – CTV News

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…putting your money where your mouth is…

Of course, none of our climate change virtue signalling politicians fly anywhere. They all take the train.  I am sure that none of our climate change virtue signalling politicians drive anywhere. They always take public transit. Always.

The same goes for the young citizens protesting on Fridays for the Future.  Driving a car to a climate change protest wreaks of hypocrisy.

Then there is all of the electronics that is required for people to function in today’s world. Where does everyone think the materials used in the production of phones, tablets and computers come from?  Where does everyone think the materials used in the production of phones, tablets and computers go when they are tossed?  Recycled?

What I see are a giant bunch of hypocrites telling people to do what they say and not what they do. Lead by example.

Spending two weeks sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on a $5.5 million racing yacht is the ultimate in virtue signalling.  Seriously?

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