Thunder Bay – Sunday

Trash in context.

Trash in context

Lots of trash in context

For those that are not hung up on branding.  I wonder who brews this stuff? My understanding is its the Brick Brewing Company.

I guess if you have had some issues with security/vandalism, you do this.

I wonder what visitors to the city think of all the shopping carts laying around?

Have to stop churches from ringing those bells on Sunday.  I can see the Muslims wanting to have their call to prayer blasted across the city five times a day as well.

No need for either in today’s society.

Trash in context

Trash in context.

Found another painted rock.

Moved it to here

This Yellow-Spotted Tiger Moth caterpillar has had a bad day.


Looks like almost all of the trash in these cans consists of takeout containers…mostly drink containers.

Why spray paint this on public property?  Humility?  Does a humble person spray paint these things on public property?   I don’t think so.  Takes an asshole to do this.  No shortage of them in Thunder Bay.

Future marijuana store?

Trash in context

Finally getting around to painting these things?  In September?  Not June?

Not a good sign if you are this tree.

Looks like the contractor has given up on this project?  Looks like nothing has been done for a couple of weeks.

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