Thunder Bay – Tuesday, Wednesday

Tuesday started out OK but then it rained. Sooo, not many photos.

Not sure what this collection of trash is supposed to accomplish? Is it supposed to be recycling?  Its a mess anyway.

Trash in context.  One of these days, I am going to count all of the take-out cups I see. Has to be at least 30 each day.

Raining pretty hard now.  This sweatshirt/hoodie is soaked.  Amazing what clothes you see laying all over the city.  It has no value because people can just go get another one.

Trying to find some colour where its not pouring rain.

Give this woman a medal.  Pouring rain, strong wind blowing and she still rides on the street.

Its what I feel like when I was taking this photo.  Wet.

Not sure what piece of clothing this is.  I don’t touch them as they are all full of cooties.


Still working on flower photos.

City work crews had Algoma Street closed between Wilson and Bay Streets while they were replacing the shutoff valve located in the boulevard.  Still do not understand how its not possible to keep half of the road open.

Its a four lane street.  Keep half street open and you can have one lane of traffic moving in each direction.  Some signs and traffic cones…in other words, a plan.

As I have said before, complete closure of a street should be a last resort.  Only when its not possible to keep even one lane open.   In this city, streets are closed too easily.

I see these guys riding on the sidewalk every day.  Why has nobody explained to them that its against the law?  There is a bicycle lane on Court Street, two blocks away.  Court Street runs parallel to Algoma.

New business opening up on Algoma.

Pretty soon, pop cans will be the only colour to be found on streets and sidewalks. Everything else will be white.

Its not just clothes you find laying around. Car parts as well.

Pretty sure there was a second can here at one time. A recycling can.


Pond scum.

We surprised each other.  Before I could get a better shot, it flew away.  Birds get very nervous if you pay too much attention to them.

MV Federal Ruhr

MV Federal Kushiro

MV Spruceglen

Sailboat reflection

Rainbow….no pot of gold anywhere in sight.  No gays either.

Looks like an event is going on today at the festival area.

The baby stage is being set up.


Lots of reading material on the can. A lot different that the bottle with the yellow label that just says ‘beer’ and ‘bier’.

Someone’s blanket is drying. Also an empty LCBO bag.  People living there now?

Not sure what this is.  I think its the larva from a ladybug.


Found another painted rock

Moved it to here

Trash in context

Devil’s paintbrush

Still trying to get a good shot of this clematis flower.

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