Thunder Bay – Thursday

Hopefully this lane gets opened before Christmas. That’s the problem with these repairs is that it takes days if not weeks to complete.  Work crews finish the water vale replacement in half a day. Then it the waiting game for the asphalt surfacing work to be completed.

You don’t see these laying around very often.

Interesting cloud formation

You can see that there was a recycling can there at one time.  The can was installed. Now its been removed.  Why?  City of Thunder Bay not recycling any longer?  Not that there is an overabundance of trash and recycling cans around the city.


Wet bubble wrap

Trying to get the eye.

Work never ceases on the condos.  I understand the underground parking lot leaks.

There there are the cracks on the stucco that was applied over the insulation covering the basement/underground parking walls.  I understand that the cracking is a direct result of poor construction practices.

You can see the cracks

See the cracks?

Crow enjoying some tea.

Another painted rock.  Not a huge effort on this one.

Something going on here. Removing and replacing this light pole?

You can see the contractor used water to suppress the dust produced by the cutting of the concrete.

Have no idea what this is.

MV Federal Kushiro

MV Federal Ruhr at Keefer Terminal and the MV Baie Comeau at thunder Bay Terminals

Found this painted rock

Trash in context

A pair of hooded loiterers hanging out in the pedestrian overpass.

Washing windows

The Lyceum building.

I pass this every day and every day I think of the missed opportunity to locate the Thunder Bay Art Gallery here.  Our high salaried residents of City Hall should have required that the Art Gallery’s Feasibility Study included several location options. This building should have been mandatory.

Instead, the only location considered was the waterfront.  Incompetent assholes.

Looks like this tree is marked for death.

Might be because of this crack forming.

Yup…I am in Thunder Bay.

I think that this project is dead.

I see no progress any longer.

Two towels.


I moved it to Hillcrest Park

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